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4 Ways to Build and Maintain Strong Relationships Through E-Commerce

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We live in a world where the ability to start and run an online boutique is becoming more and more accessible, which is allowing thousands of women to pursue their dreams. This is amazing, but a common concern for many of my clients is that most of their sales are coming from friends and family members and they are having a hard time building their frequent buyers.

Your family and friends are buying from you because they know you and love you, so your goal should be building your influence and relationships…but how exactly do you do that?

Today boutique retailers are not only maximizing brick and mortar spaces, but succeeding online without that in person expereince.  Here are 4 Key ways to build relationships through e-commerce.

1. Communicate Your Why
“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” In a world full of shopping options, including Target, Amazon and Wal-Mart, your why is one of the things that makes you unique.

When you share your story of why you started your boutique, customers get the chance to feel like part of the story, which creates loyalty. Not only will they buy frequently, but they will send others to you as well.

2. Use Instagram Stories and Facebook Live
Online boutiques have the opportunity now to share their personalities like no one else has before and this Facetime creates a perfect opportunity for a personal relationship with your ideal client. If you think about who you follow and love on Instagram and fb, you will probably see they are people whose personalities are fun and appealing to you or they have something you want!

As you prepare for your live sessions and Instagram stories, think about your ideal client and what they are looking for; as we all know- your vibe attracts your tribe!

3. Consider Customer Service
A loyal customer is worth up to 10 times their initial purchase and it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new client than it is to keep a current one.  Obviously, financially, it makes sense to maintain strong customer relationships. But when you are selling online and not seeing your customer face to face and there is more competition than ever before, what is the best way to do this?

Consistent excellent customer service includes communication; this includes automated systems when ordering and quick and accurate service. Ship when you say you are going to and show appreciation; a sincere thank you note will go a long way in building that relationship.

4. Be Generous and Consistent
Although ultimately the underlying goal and measure of success of your boutique is revenue, but it is not the only measure. Providing your ideal client with consistent relevant information- what is trending, helpful style hints and beauty tips- continues to build that friendship and create an environment where you are their go to!

Our two biggest interactive posts in our facebook group were sharing a tip on how to keep your off the shoulder top from popping up and about a new food truck in our area whose mission was to feed local kids! Share information that you know your ideal client will value and appreciate!


Building and maintaining relationships in your online boutique takes planning and requires a lot of intention, but can reap amazing rewards and help you build a loyal audience that looks to you- not only for the amazing styles that you carry but for relevant information and helpful tips!


GUEST POST BY: Beth Presher, Grit and Grace Boutique Coaching

Beth is the wife of Bryan, her high school sweetheart, the mom of two crazy school-aged boys, Owen and Griffin and is the owner of Grit and Grace Boutique Coaching. Our mission is to encourage and empower women boutique owners to provide their families with the income they need and the time they deserve. After owning and operating Local Love…a Roaming Boutique, voted Ohio’s best mobile boutique for several years, she found a new passion in working with boutique owners to lay strong foundations with the Boutique Accelerator Workshop and build on their existing success and work through their goals with one on one coaching. To book a free consultation with Beth, please email her at [email protected]


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