BUSINESS IS HARD. DON’T DO IT ALONE. Owning a boutique, apparel brand, wholesale design business is both exciting and a little overwhelming at times. We’ve got you covered #BoutiqueBoss, this is our JAM!

For many businesses who launched at just the right time, social media and the days of abundant organic reach catapulted their business from the start. But today as the word ‘algorithm’ creeps into every social channel and inbox we use, it is getting more and more difficult to achieve the rate of growth business owners need to succeed.

That feeling of overwhelm or simply being ‘stuck’ can signal either a rocky end to your business, OR an opportunity to do something about it.

Whether you’re newer to the business, or a seasoned vet, you have enough on your plate than to spend time keeping up with every new business or marketing strategy as they emerge.

That’s what we do.

At the Hub, not only do we keep our members up to date on changes in the market, but we also offer a deeper level of support and growth coaching for those businesses ready to grow
further, faster. If you’re ready for specialized coaching from an expert in the boutique community, let’s talk!

Along with access to our JAM PACKED training library for members, take your education a step further with these guided, step by step trainings build with the latest business strategy you can maximize right now.


Retail Bootcamp

Retail Bootcamp

Because space is so limited in our signature Bootcamp program, we have launched a digital version for boutique owners, apparel brands, and designers, designed to eliminate the stress, overwhelm and plateaus. We’re building real strategy for increased efficiency, reach, traffic and sales.

Retail Bootcamp is the most in-depth retail training available, covering every critical aspect of the business from mindset, to margins, productivity, buying, merchandising, data analysis, social media, PR, e-commerce, Facebook Ads, working with influencers and MORE.

Program includes:
12 Digital Modules, Workbooks & 30+ videos
14 Weeks of LIVE group coaching
Private Facebook Group
LIFETIME access so you can repeat the live sessions again and again
15+ Guest Experts who join us past and present throughout the course from Pinterest & Shopify team members, to mentors & top boutique owners
Invite to the private LA Shopping Experience with your fellow Bootcamp grads

Enrollment is only open TWO times per year.

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The Ultimate Small Business Hiring Bundle

Could you imagine playing a game of basketball but not knowing which hoop is yours, or not knowing the score of the game, or better yet, not even knowing any of the rules? Often this is exactly how our employees feel when we throw them into our daily business and tell them to “Sell”!

Instagram Ignite Masterclass

Are you burned out on Instagram with your Business? We get it! Our Instagram Ignite Masterclass is an explosive industry-leading hands-on course designed just for the busy retailer who wants to take real action on this social media channel. Inside this course, we cover everything from in-depth coverage of all the features to content creation and planning, and proven growth strategies that work.

Marketing Bundle

Are you ready to map out your social media right now for all of 2021 with content that engages your audience?

Working with thousands of boutique owners, and planning our own marketing for multiple channels, we’ve pulled together a marketing bundle to make your social media planning SIMPLE for 2021!

Inside of our Marketing Bundle you’ll find: 

– 12 Months of promotional event ideas
– 365 days of actual content to post
– Boutique Specific monthly buying guide
– Monthly collection ideas for your products
– Monthly tracking sheets
– 300+ engagement questions to prompt engagement
– 1,000+ daily fun, silly & creative holidays

Boutique Owner Basics

Give Your Business The Foundation It Deserves

While owning a boutique sounds like a blast, it’s actually a business that requires a great deal of commitment, unique skill sets, and a passion for helping others. Whether you’ve been open for years, or you’re just starting out, every successful business needs a strong foundation, and that is just what our Boutique Owner Basics course provides.

This 6 module program covers every aspect a boutique owner must master to create a thriving business, from the fundamentals of retail, operations, buying, social media and creating a scalable business model. After 20+ years in retail ourselves, and helping thousands of boutique owners grow massive businesses, we’re breaking down the essentials to get your business operating the way it needs to, so that you can grow and scale it into the future.

Content Sanity Masterclass

Are you tired of posting across all of your social media channels weekly, but wondering what really works? Do you feel like you’re not running your business to its fullest potential, because you’re a slave to social media?

It sounds like you need Content Sanity, a system born out of our very own frustration of creating new content, but not maximizing that content to its fullest reach. Content Sanity is a 6-part strategy that helps you figure out how and where to use the content you’ve created, so you can get the most reach, engagement, and value out of them.


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Virtual Retail Summit

As the retail industry takes its largest shift in history, 30+ top leaders and retailers collaborate to bring you the latest strategies, ideas, tools and inspiration you need to thrive in your new normal. Complete with actionable takeaways, inspiration, real stories and strategies, how-to’s and downloads for later, you’ll leave with a fresh outlook on your business’ future and what you want your success to embody.

Holiday Marketing Mastermind

Holiday Marketing Mastermind

The 4th Quarter is the MOST important time of year in retail, and unless you’re ready to maximize it, it can also take your business for a ride. Stop concentrating on your gross sales numbers, and start making sure your 4th quarter is profitable.  From years of retail experience, and the latest proven strategies, we’ll make sure this Holiday season is one both you and your customers will always remember. 

Inside the course, you’ll discover:

  • The 6 Main Types of Events Every Boutique MUST Run in the Holiday Season
  • How to Plan Out the Entire Season including Where to Start & the Most Important Dates
  • The 4 Marketing Weapons You Need for Every Promotion to be a Success
  • How to Determine The Ultimate Promotion Theme to Ensure the Best Results
  • The Difference Between a Sale and a Promotion PLUS – When to Use Them
  • How to Create World Class Customer Experience so they Keep Coming Back for More
  • Sales Boosters: What they are and the Secret you MUST Know to Increase Revenue by 20%

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Boutique Mastermind

Boutique Mastermind

Once students graduate Boutique Bootcamp, they are invited to take part in The Hub’s exclusive Boutique Mastermind program where coaching continues over multiple months.

Members of Boutique Mastermind have access to live group training, office hours, additional one on one time with Ashley, as well as digital trainings as they are released.

Access to Mastermind is limited to Bootcamp graduates only, and by application only.


Hub-Vetted Guest Courses

Ready to get control over your financials once and for all??

She Profits Now Christyne Gray teaches the financial success strategies for woman warrior entrepreneurs in the boutique retail industry.

Money Clarity – Your Path to Profit & Financial Stablility

Bookkeeping Basics + Master QuickBooks Online for the Retailer

TikTok Workshop

Learn how to Get started on TikTok from Tamie Old, a small business owner and boutique coach. She helps others find strategy to amplify their brand’s authentic voice while giving them productivity tools to make showing up consistently an attainable goal.

  • Get started on TikTok
  • Learn the latest strategies
  • Enhance your video skills
  • Create shareable content
  • Ask questions, LIVE
  • Lifetime replay access

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