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  1. My boutique/brand is not a buy-in group. I carry my own inventory and offer at apprx. 2x markup.
  2. My business does not steal designs, pictures, or any type of creative material from other businesses, whether it is copyrighted or not.
  3. My boutique/brand is not a MLM “boutique” alone (i.e. - Lipsense, Stella & Dot, Lularoe, etc.) While it is acceptable to sell these items in your boutique (within each MLM company’s guidelines), I agree that my boutique is a stand-alone business, which I own. MLM sales must be less than 50% of your revenue.
  4. My boutique/brand is a legitimate, operational business, not a hobby, and that I have been operating for a minimum of 3 FULL months. To clarify, I am registered with my state’s Department of Revenue, collect/pay sales tax, pay income tax, and abide by all government regulations for my business entity.
  5. I will not take information acquired through The Boutique Hub to create my own marketplace, poach Hub members for my own similar business entity, or take The Boutique Hub's education resources to create their own trainings.
  6. I understand that only 2 employees from my company will be allowed in our Facebook groups.
  7. I understand The Boutique Hub Inc.'s refund policy, which states the following:
    As with the nature of digital subscriptions & membership websites like this one, once you purchase you have immediate access to the content. If you choose to unsubscribe or cancel your account, we cannot refund your initial payment because, as stated, you have immediate access to all of the content. To clarify, if you purchase and then immediately wish to cancel, we can cancel future subscription payments, but we cannot refund your first subscription payment.
    Additionally, we do not prorate refunds based on number of days or months already paid.
  8. I conduct my business with high professional & ethical standards.
  9. I acknowledge The Boutique Hub privacy policy.

If The Boutique Hub determines you have agreed to these terms, but not followed them, we reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time without refund, or seek further action.

Honesty and integrity are our greatest values, let’s abide by them together and grow the greater retail boutique, wholesale, and fashion industry.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you choose to cancel at any time, your account will cease as of that date. We do not offer any refunds, including prorated refunds.

Updated 8/21/19