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End of Summer Style Must Have: Maxi Shorts

Have you ever wanted the comfort level of shorts, but the glamorized feeling of flowy maxi? Well maxi shorts are here, and couldn’t be more ready to be apart of your wardrobe no matter what you define your personalized style to be. Dress your maxi shorts up with a solid colored top fitted or cropped, or for a relaxed everyday look, pair them with a graphic tee and funky pair

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James and Alma | The Boutique Hub

Two Must-Have Contracts Boutique Owners Need When Hiring New Employees

Here’s the scenario… You’ve hired a great employee. She’s always on time, does everything you ask, never complains and makes all the customers happy. You slowly build a relationship with her and begin to hand over more and more responsibilities. Because of the nature of her job, she meets your customers, sees your brands and works on your email list. Then one day, the boutique across town offers her more

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OFFPRICE | The Boutique Hub

Five Ways Boutiques can benefit from the OFFPRICE Show

Throughout our training at The Boutique Hub, we know that successful boutique owners are like three-legged stools. They must have keen marketing skills, an eye for style and buying, but also a drive to dig into the numbers.  Financials, margins, and data seem to be the most often overlooked part of that stool, leaving many boutiques feeling the struggle. We recently shared 7 financial tips with boutique owners that are crucial to success,

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The Boutique Awards | The Boutique Hub

The Boutique Awards: It’s the FINALS Countdown

It’s official–the first-round of The Boutique Awards (The Awards) is wrapped up, and we’re on our way to the Finals! We are absolutely blown away by how many of you participated in the awards, and shared them with your friends, family, and customers! When it was all said and done, the first-round of The Awards received 157,000 votes! Can you believe that?! Since voting closed, our entire Boutique Hub team

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The Rambler Boutique | Boutique Hot List

The Boutique Hub Hot List | August 2017

We’re backkkkkk!! We hope you are as excited as we are for this month’s Boutique Hot List! We can hardly believe we’re already into month six of this fashionable ride! The last couple months we’ve received countless messages and comments from you guys, saying how much you look forward to the Boutique Hot List each month. Those kind words absolutely make our day, so thank you so much for following

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How To: Shop Vintage

A huge part of the western culture and fashion is about the good ole days.  Worn-out spurs decorate houses, grandma’s dated recipes regularly make the menu for dinners, stories of “the olden times” flood the ears of younger generations, and vintage clothing will never go out of style.  Classic pieces are a staple that all women should include in their closets, but that’s easier said than done.  I get asked

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Packing For Paradise

Alright, y’all! I’m pretty excited to write this post because my husband, Justin, and I will be going to the Bahamas for the first time this July! Eeek! I’ve been pinning, reading, and asking questions about what to see and what to do there, and so far we have planned the following: 1. Adventuring with our friends who are also going, we want to swim with the pigs and walk

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The Boutique Hub

Join Us in Las Vegas, August 2017!

Hey baby let’s go to Vegas! Each February and August we can’t wait to head to Las Vegas for some of the most exciting weeks in Fashion for Boutique Owners!  Will you be joining us this year for Las Vegas Fashion Week to trend spot, shop the shows, network and meet up with other fabulous boutique industry friends from The Boutique Hub? On Monday, August 14th, we will be speaking

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Summer’s Must-Have Accessories

Summer is officially here and with that brings fun times, tan lines and a lot of memories! It also brings about more social gatherings.  So, in turn, it’s your chance to rock those fun summer trends and since friends don’t let friends leave the house without great accessories I want to shed light on some of my favorite must have summer pieces. In the summer, I think it is better

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