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Episode #20 Top 5 Tips for New Boutique Owners

Episode #20: Top 5 Tips for New Boutique Owners with Ashley Alderson

Let’s cut through the noise of those Google and YouTube searches and get down to 5 tips that will actually help you start your business off right.

While the boutique industry is glamorous, we want you to be prepared for the not so glamorous times too, so prepare yourself for some real talk. From buy-in groups, to hustle and being original, these top tips can’t be missed in your business!  

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Perhaps it was her wild imagination as a kid that led her to believe that Kenny Rogers was her imaginary friend or some creative juice that lived deep inside, that later led her to start building The Boutique Hub, the world’s largest boutique fashion community.  Either way, there’s never a dull moment.

Pairing her love of fashion, turquoise and shoes she found at boutiques around the world, together with her background in retail, marketing, and economic development, Ashley lives daily to serve entrepreneurs in the fashion retail industry.  She is a coach, speaker, and mentor, who loves working daily with her team at The Boutique Hub and thousands of boutique owners, brands and insiders to find strategies to grow their brands and business.


  • You need to operate LEGALLY.
  • Build with the end in mind.
  • People want to do business with people.
  • Avoid cost-based pricing. What is it worth?
  • You do you. Stay in your own lane.
  • Enjoy every step of the way.
  • #CommunityOverCompetition

04:30 – How to get off on the right foot.
06:00 – Did you know you need a checking and savings for your business?
07:46 – Why cheaper isn’t better.
11:50 – Have you heard about buy-in groups? Stay away, girl!
14:30 – Imitation is not a form of flattery.
16:30 – Go to a market.
17:50 – Consistency is key.

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Original Air Date: June 26, 2018
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