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Episode #21: Maximizing Facebook Live and Plus Size Selling for your Boutique with Mindy Switzer

How can you maximize Facebook Live for your boutique AND successfully sell plus sizes? Mindy’s truthful, real personality shines in this episode like it does in her successful live videos. From markup strategy, Facebook algorithms, hiring a team, working with family, and organic growth, this episode is chalked full of golden nuggets that can change your business.   But more than that, we love how Mindy shares her story of being at the lowest point of her life before starting her business, and how you can build something great with the same mindset she did.

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Mindy Switzer is the owner and buyer for Miss Mindy’s Boutique along with her husband Jr. They are located in the tiny town of Millsap Texas, that doesn’t even have a stop light. They specialize in small to 3x clothing to fit everyone, jewelry, and building women’s confidence. They have a storefront and just closed on their new warehouse.


  • Sell more than clothes.
  • It’s more than okay to be different.
  • Make them come for the entertainment and don’t mark down everything.
  • One bad experience = customer telling 40 other people.
  • Let them see the crazy. Let them see the realness.
  • Don’t separate your plus size in your store or online.

06:30 – How to serve on a higher level.
13:50 – Buying specifically for your live videos and markup.
16:35 – Customer service and return policies.
21:20 – How she built momentum.
30:35 – Finding cute pieces S to 3XL.
40.00 – Best piece of business advice and growing your team.
50:50 – How Mindy fills her cup.
55:00 – #CommunityOverCompetition

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Original Air Date: July 3, 2018
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