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Episode #23: Embracing Failure & Surviving. 2017 Global Boutique of the Year, The Lace Cactus and owner Kelsey Darby

We know, we’re a day late, but..
*que the bells and whistles*
The Hub team was launching The 2018 Boutique Awards!! And holy cow, our boutique members rallied their customers. We’ve had 100,000+ votes in less than 24 hours.

The timing couldn’t be better this week, then to have on the show the reining 2017 Global Boutique of the Year – The Lace Cactus, and founder Kelsey Darby of Hico, Texas. This episode is near and dear to our hearts. Kelsey Darby started as a 19-year-old single mom, blew up the boutique world, and hit rock bottom. She went from The top of the world to wanting to completely give up, selling nearly everything she had, to back again and winning The 2017 Global Boutique in the same year.

She is a woman on a mission, and her authenticity speaks for itself. Get the tissues ready, girl. She is speaking to us all.

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“I have no background in business or marketing. I never attended college. I am a 26-year mother of two. That is it. I am just an average person who had a huge dream and made it happen. I work late every night, pray every single day for my business to work and go above in beyond to keep my business on track. I am determined and stubborn. I was not going to take no for an answer. My goals for the business are to simply be happy, provide for my family and offer fashionable yet affordable clothing to our local gals and half a million online customers.”


  • Do whatever you have to do to achieve your dreams.
  • Rock bottom is a solid foundation for you to build on.
  • Cherish your failures.
  • What you have now can disappear with the wrong mindset.
  • Consistency is key. Give 110% to be consistent.
  • There will never be one thing to help you succeed.

06:55 – How Kelsey started.
14:00 – The key to exploding your business.
17:30 – Living the fairytale to almost losing it all.
29:20 – Changing your mindset when you’re failing.
34:50 – Daily routines to stay grateful.
37:55 – What you can do today to turn your business around.
43:30 – Transitioning your customers to a different platform.
49:20 – Quick tips!
56:50 – Being the Global Boutique of the Year

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Original Air Date: July 18, 2018
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