Owning a boutique, apparel brand, wholesale design business or just launching your career as a fashion influencer is both exciting and a little overwhelming at times. We’ve got you covered #BoutiqueBoss, this is our JAM! 

For many businesses who launched at just the right time, social media and the days of abundant organic reach catapulted their business from the start.  But today as the word ‘algorithm’ creeps into every social channel and inbox we use, it is getting more and more difficult to achieve the rate of growth business owners need to succeed.

That feeling of overwhelm or simply being ‘stuck’ can signal either a rocky end to your business, OR an opportunity to do something about it.

Whether you’re newer to the business, or a seasoned vet, you have enough on your plate than to spend time keeping up with every new business or marketing strategy as they emerge.

That’s what we do.

At the Hub, not only do we keep our members up to date on changes in the market, but we also offer a deeper level of support and growth coaching for those businesses ready to grow further, faster.

If you’re ready for specialized coaching from an expert in the boutique community, let’s talk!


Boutique Bootcamp is a 7-week premium, signature program designed to holistically address the needs of boutique owners from all aspects of business, marketing and traffic strategy, so they can eliminate overwhelm, increase traffic and make more money.

The program was formed by our Founder after coaching small businesses for many years and pinpointing the most common and crucial needs of #boutiqueboss boutique owners. We start by looking at the most basic yet, most important strategies of a boutique or brand from optimizing time, content, teams and ideal customers. Then we craft a signature strategy to optimize each social media channel, your email marketing, Facebook audiences, Facebook Ads, and finally, we optimize your e-commerce platform for the best conversion rates. We leave no stone unturned.

We don’t believe in placing band-aids on your business, we know the importance of drilling down to the core of your brand, your voice, your strategy and then we top it off by building traffic to your site. We don’t give you a fish, we teach you how to fish so you can feed your business for a lifetime.

Space is limited due to the timeframe of Boutique Bootcamp and it’s premium support. If you’re ready to change your business and perhaps your life at the same time, apply to be considered.


Once students graduate Boutique Bootcamp, they are invited to take part in The Hub’s exclusive Boutique Mastermind program where coaching continues over multiple months.

Members of Boutique Mastermind have access to live group training, office hours, additional one on one time with Ashley, as well as digital trainings as they are released.

Access to Mastermind is limited to Bootcamp graduates only.


Because space is so limited in our signature Bootcamp program, we have launched a digital version for boutique owners, apparel brands, and designers, designed to eliminate the stress, overwhelm and plateaus. We’re building real strategy for increased efficiency, reach, traffic and sales.

This will be a paired down version of the full Bootcamp to highlight the most crucial lessons and strategies your business needs to grow. Next session opens in July 2019.


Starting & scaling your first year business

Over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year, and that stat may be climbing in the retail industry due to poor pre-planning. While owning a boutique sounds like a blast, it’s actually a business that requires a great deal of commitment, unique skillsets and a passion for helping others. Let’s make sure your business has a solid foundation so that you aren’t caught off guard later! This 6 module program covers every aspect a boutique owner must master to create a thriving business, from the fundamentals of retail, operations, buying, social media and creating a scaleable business model. After 20 years in retail ourselves, to helping thousands of boutique owners grow massive businesses, we’re breaking down the essentials to get your business operating at an ideal level year number one, whether you are already open, or just starting now.

$297 – Coming Soon!


For just $197, you’ll get access to our exclusive Holiday Marketing Masterclass Membership Area with 6 modules that give you everything you need to double your retail sales this holiday period.

Inside the course, you’ll discover:

– The 6 Main Types of Events Every Boutique MUST Run in the Holiday Season

– How to Plan Out the Entire Season including Where to Start & the Most Important Dates
– The 4 Marketing Weapons You Need for Every Promotion to be a Success
– How to Determine The Ultimate Promotion Theme to Ensure the Best Results
– The Difference Between a Sale and a Promotion PLUS – When to Use Them
– How to Create World Class Customer Experience so they Keep Coming Back for More
– Sales Boosters: What they are and the Secret you MUST Know to Increase Revenue by 20%
– The 1 Promotion a Boutique from North Carolina ran in December to create their Biggest January ever



Are you already a member at The Hub? Our members have access to our exclusive training library full of how-to’s, checklists, guides and strategy building videos with new releases regularly.

Along with expert training from The Hub, we also bring in guest experts and live training sessions for members to gain business-building knowledge and support!

If you’re not yet inside, you’ll want to join and take part in our NEW YEAR – NEW STRATEGY CHALLENGE inside of the community! Our membership community is designed to bring all of the tools, tips, resources, support and discovery you need to grow and sustain your business – in one single place.

Why not being YOU is hurting your Brand | The Boutique Hub


Ashley founded The Boutique Hub first as an opportunity to find the boutiques she loved around the country together in one place online. Hailing from rural North Dakota, even a Walmart was 80 miles away, so you can imagine how difficult it was to shop boutiques. Once the community launched, Ashley’s professional background, education and true passion for coaching business owners took over. She quickly realized that the community needed business and marketing strategy just as much as they needed promotion and discovery.

Ashley studied Communication, Public Relations and Marketing throughout her college education while also working in retail stores. After college, Ashley was hired as the Executive Director of her County and 4-city Economic Development Corporation where she helped lead her Chamber of Commerce, Mainstreet programs and all Economic & Small Business Development initiatives. She’s worked with business owners of all types and sizes and has finally found her true calling working with boutique owners.

She understands the demands of small business owners who juggle families and other responsibilities while building a company because she has a family and small children herself.

When she’s not working at The Hub, you’ll find her at kid’s rodeo’s, soccer games, Mexican Restaurants or on a date night of golf with her hubby Eric!

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