With Amy Harper, Vice President of Marketing, Apparel & Accessories at DMC we will show you exactly how get the most out of your next apparel market.

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Today Amy Harper, Vice President of Marketing, Apparel & Accessories at Dallas Market Center, joins us for 5 Tips for attending apparel markets + how to maximize your market experience. Amy gives us some amazing tips on going to market, whether it’s your first time or you are a veteran market buyer!

Today Dani Flaming, owner of the Fringed Pineapple, joins us for Being a Successful Business Owner Means Knowing Your Customer. Dani comes on the show today in the height of winning Idaho's Overall Boutique of the Year and the top 10 Global Boutique of the Year. She tells us what it’s like to run a powerful, small-town business. Dani gives us insight on what social media outlets work best for her, how she stays real,...

<Guest Blog Post> Transactional emails can help you combat saturation, lack of visibility, and continue to foster customer retention. These emails are often under-leveraged, but when customized, they can increase sales and boost repeat purchases. There are different types of post-purchase emails that you can send to customers based on automated triggers and in tandem allowing you to display recommended products, deliver discount codes, incentivize referrals, and even drive traffic back to your store through navigation...