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Effective Merchandising Tools to Display Your Summer Inventory! 

JR Visual has compiled a list of effective merchandising tools that can be used to showcase your summer merchandise in the best possible way. It can be challenging to display summer items in a way that is both visually appealing and easy for shoppers to browse through. Therefore, here are some practical tools that you can use in your store, along with multiple ways to use them this season!

S Hooks

Can be found on Amazon in black, gold, silver, and white colour options to best fit your vibe.

Our favorite ways to use s-hooks for summer merchandise: 

Hang any of these items anywhere in your store!

How to utilize S-Hooks in your merchandising:

  • Utilizing s-hooks for sunglasses allows you to free-up table space by hanging them. This also in an effective way to display them so your customer can easily see + shop the styles
  • Utilizing s-hooks to hang a bathing suit top or bottom as shown gives you an opportunity to showcase any cute details that you normally may miss. Have the sizes folded down close by for an easy shopping experience. 
  • Hang your hats from s-hooks from any bar side-ways to help maximize your merchandising space while allowing your customer to easily shop through the styles.
  • Hanging bags from s-hooks saves you a ton of merchandising space. A lot of bags don’t sit well on their own, so this is the most effective way to display them to your customers
  • Sandals can be another tough one in the summer and sometimes don’t display well on their own, so hanging them saves you merchandising space while allowing your customer to shop through the styles easily. 
  • Hanging your shorts from s-hooks is a different way to showcase your styles and any cute details they may have. It often saves you merchandising space as well. 

Acrylic Risers

Found at any local retail supplier or online at Eddies hang up, displays2go, WR display, or Amazon. 

Our favorite ways to use them for summer merchandise: 

How to utilize acrylic risers in your merchandising:

  • Acrylic risers are a key merchandising tool to utilize as they maximize your merchandising space by adding in an extra level to your displays. As you can see in a few of our examples, you are able to showcase more merchandise by adding in an additional layer.
  • You can also utilize risers as a stand to have a pair of sandals upright on display as shown, and you can also showcase two bags that would pair well together to inspire a multiple-item sale.
  • We’ve gotten creative over the years so another fun way to utilize risers is to flip them upside down and use them as a holder to showcase items that may not display well on their own. The acrylic still allows the product to be seen while having the product upright so it is easily shoppable for your customer.  


Can be found on amazon, retail suppliers, H&M home, Etsy, and Wayfair in multiple colour options to best fit your store’s vibe.

Our favorite ways to use them to display summer merchandise:

How to utilize t-bars in your merchandising:

  • T-bars are an effective way to showcase accessories like sunglasses and jewelry as these items oftentimes do not display well on their own. Hanging these pieces allows your customer to see them & shop them easily while adding height to your displays.
  • T-bars also work well to display a bathing suit top, shorter tank, or shorts so that your customer can see any cute details on them that may be missed if they were folded down or hung sideways. You can showcase your feature piece on your t-bar then have the rest of the sizes folded down below for your customer to shop. 
  • T-bars also are great for displaying ball caps as the styles can be easily seen & shopped while taking up less merchandising space and adding height to your displays.

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