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7 Keys to Productivity

EPISODE #216: Our host Ashley Alderson, the founder of The Boutique Hub, does a solo episode this week on the 7 Keys to Productivity. Ashley goes over topics such as managing your calendar & to-do list, the best methods to managing your time, and so much more!  All of this valuable information found in today’s podcast has saved Ashley and members of the Hub hours and hours of work, so tune in and bring along a notepad and pen!


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“If you can start to create a system and a routine to your weeks, it is really going to enhance the quality of time you’re able to spend on projects with your business, but also your family.” -Ashley

“Please, start attacking your list with the hardest things first, so few people do this in life, but I guarantee you this is what sets you apart from everyone else.” -Ashley

“You have to let go of more and more things so you can do more as a team, by you doing less individually. Outsourcing is really how you evaluate what’s important in your business and to you personally and that’s how you really learn to grow and scale.” -Ashley


  1. Get serious about getting a strategy! Maximize your calendar and plan ahead.
  2. Start everyday by making a list, this keeps you organized and helps you know what needs to be prioritized.
  3. Prioritize what you the CEO should be working on and what items on your list can be outsourced.

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Original Air Date: June 18, 2019
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