The Boutique Hub is

years old already! And there wouldn’t be a reason to celebrate without YOU! So of course, we’re doing a giveaway!

Did you know all of these things about us?

The plans had been in her head, but Founder Ashley Alderson finally filed for her LLC and began mapping out The Boutique Hub’s website & launch plan.

Just 2 days after bringing her youngest baby home from the hospital, Ashley launched The Boutique Hub’s first website! The goal of this site was to help shoppers like her find awesome boutiques to shop around the world (this is Boutique.Style today).

After launching our website, we spent hours sending cold emails, creating free Spotlight Boutiques blog posts, and sending personalized Member frames to our intimate list of members. This was also the month Ashley hired her first employee & often had to tell her to wait a few days to cash her paychecks.

Because we’re always changing based on the needs of our members, we created our first free boutique owners group on Facebook and began sharing daily tips and advice for boutiques.

Again, we saw that boutique owners needed help with their marketing, social media, and website, so we launched free Brand Audits for our members where we dove through their online presence & gave suggestions on improvement.

The Boutique Hub page hit 10,000 likes on Facebook!

Ashley’s first trip to Market! She was invited to hang out in a vendor booth at Dallas Apparel Market & was overwhelmed, but knew boutique owners needed a community at markets and better ways to connect & collaborate.

Ashley was approached by another entrepreneur who seemed to have all the answers and a similar vision. In a moment of self doubt, Ashley began to merge The Boutique Hub with this yet unstarted company and give away her shares in a deal that never had ink.

In the midst of merging the two companies, the other entrepreneur decided to lock Ashley out of all of their joint web accounts, blocked her from all of their joint social media accounts, and drained her PayPal account.

Time to pivot! Ashley jumped back on her horse and hired a coach. She continued to put out content in her new Facebook groups, and started building The Boutique Hub’s new website and membership service welcoming nearly 300 founding members of The Boutique Hub’s community as it is today.

The Boutique Hub published the first issue of the WNFR Style Guide (now: Western Runway) magazine, distributed at the National Finals Rodeo.

The Boutique Hub 2.0! We relaunched our new website & introduced our membership again, which is what you see if you’re a current member. We are truly grateful for all of the boutique owners that took a chance on us this month & have stuck with us!

The first Boutique Summit was held in Dallas, TX! Three employees + two days + one ER visit + 8 hours stuffing swag bags = one KILLER event for 300 boutique owners!

Our first class of Retail Bootcamp opened it’s doors to serve retailers on the highest level. Today, nearly 1,000 retailers have grown their business with this signature program known across the industry! And with lifetime access, they never stop learning!

Besides being our first time actually traveling to Los Angeles, we hosted our first LA Experience event for our Retail Bootcamp students.

The Boutique Summit moves to Atlanta for it’s 3rd annual event.

Our sister website Boutique.Style launched where shoppers can find & save new boutiques all in one place.

We hosted our first Hub team retreat in the balmy Minneapolis, where some of our team members got to meet for the first time!

After having to cancel our 4th annual Boutique Summit event due to COVID-19, we pivoted and hosted our first Virtual Retail Summit with 50+ speakers!

With 15 employees in 9 different states, we have no plans of slowing down! Our team is committed to its mission of helping YOU, the small independent retailer. We’re excited to have you join us on this roller coaster for many more years.

The Hub is packed full of boutique industry resources for each type of business in our ecosystem. From expert training videos and downloads, to wholesale brand connection, blogger discovery, exclusive member discounts with brands and services, and daily networking among peers in the industry in our hyper-active communities! We’re all about bringing all of the tips, tools and resources your business needs to one spot, The Hub.