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The Boutique Hub & it’s new wholesale platform connect the global boutique industry of boutique owners, wholesale brands and industry experts.  

Grow your brand by reaching thousands of vetted retailers daily through the community, and find training, resources, & daily wholesale business networking for the strategy your business needs. 

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Yearly Membership

$ 49 Per Month (Billed Annually)

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Inside The Boutique Hub Membership You Will Have Full Access To...

Training Library (1)

Expert Training Library

100+ easy to implement, step-by-step trainings that produce more customers, more sales, and more excitement.

Find Experts

Tactical Workshops that keep your Boutique growing. Each month we will hold in depth online workshops on a specific topic that you can attend LIVE on Facebook.

Resource Lists

What tools do you need to operate your business? Use our done for you checklists, shopping lists, and best in trade tools.

Community Groups

Our members-only Facebook group is made up of 5,000+ skilled and knowledgable boutique owners who are ready to help you with all the questions you may have.

Discounts & Perks

Exclusive discounts on office supplies, shipping, software, and advanced training courses (this single perk will pay for more than your entire membership).

Member Meet-ups

A supportive community of 5,000+ boutique owner to answer all your questions and share the ways they grew their very own boutiques.

Social Media Calendars

Use our boutique specific monthly content calendars to find easy to use promotional events, daily social content, social holidays, and a PACKED engagement library full of graphics to use in your social daily.

Insurance Policies + Perks

Access community insurance policies for dental, vision, accident and critical care.


Showcase your line weekly by connecting directly to our community in our member Facebook groups

  • Share your products 3x a week by posting, sharing videos, generating leads
  • Grow your own lists for ongoing marketing
  • Build personal relationships with Hub members for long term partnerships

What is hubventory?

Hubventory is wholesale created by the industry, with your business put first. From easy Shopify integrations & uploads, collaborative inventory planning boards, personalized feeds, honest pricing, instant member savings, and education.


Get the same pricing brands offer on their own websites or linesheets, no surprises.


Follow & shop brands, create your personalized feed, build & shop style boards.

Member Discounts

Save on vetted brands you love, when you're a Hub member

Easy Integrations

Upload new products directly into Shopify.

Get on the List

As a Brand

  • Intuitive features & fair pricing
  • Easy inventory integrations
  • Collaborative brand boards & product features
  • Brand education, daily community, trusted relationships
  • Tradeshow collaborations & promotion


Find answers to your business or marketing questions daily

  • Access business tips, templates, how-to’s & videos
  • Use our full engagement graphics library & annual content calendar
  • Learn Facebook ads, video selling & Instagram just for wholesale


Connect with other wholesale brands like yours for tips, advice & community

  • Inside our wholesale members private group, ask questions, meet fellow brands, & collaborate
  • Buy/sell supplies with other wholesale brands

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Listen To What Current Hub Members Have To Say

"A Community Of Girls That Can Help Me Out"

Ever feel like you are building your business alone? The Boutique Hub is where you join arms with other motivated and inspirational boutique owners.

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"The Boutique Hub Has Given Me Access To So Many Businesses and Vendors."

It can be difficult to find the vendors and the advice you need to start a boutique with a BANG. The Boutique Hub is the central meeting point for every boutique owner looking for the best vendors and the top strategies in the retail industry.

"I Love Everything In The Hub"

What if your boutique business is not a success? We all have that pesky little thought in the back of our minds. The Boutique Hub is the one place that can provide answers, strategies, and support to give you confidence for the road ahead.

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Community Over Competition


Connect with other wholesale brands like yours for tips, advice & community

Join The boutiquehub

Every tool you need, in one place. Join As a Brand Now!

Yearly Membership

$ 49 Per Month (Billed Annually)


You’re a growing boutique, scaling your operations and looking for high earning owners like you to connect with for the latest strategy.

You’re brand new, and are looking for basic strategies to help you get started in year one.

You’re a decor, children’s, bridal, gift, handmade, clothing or specialty boutique, online or off – we work with all types of boutiques.

You’re a brick and mortar business wanting to keep growing your roots, but also looking to grow online.

You’re an online boutique, ready to keep scaling or brand out with a pop up or storefront.

You’re a seasoned vet, always looking for new ideas, new connections and the latest business trends.

If you’re a nice human….and you believe in the power of collaboration and community over competition!

If you believe in original ideas, being creative, and working hard…while supporting the fellow owners you’ll meet inside!


Listen To What Current Hub Members Have To Say

I was working 8-5 as a territory sales manager and in April I took the leap to chase my 10 year dream of a boutique. [Here's] where I'm at... scared, grateful, underprepared, but also so blessed and giving it all to God! I'm excited for 2019 and loving the encouragement and success stories from the Hub. It's amazing what some of these women are doing and I'm so inspired by their stories and the friendships I've made in a short time.

- Ramie Madarieta

The Boutique Hub has hands down been one of the best things that has happened to me and my business. I have seen so much growth not only financially but within my myself as a business owner and as a boss since joining The Hub. Our web traffic and sales are up, our B&M sales are up and everyone is happier because we have structure and no one is stretched thin anymore.

- Mary Margaret Culpepper

I’ve been in biz for almost 13 years but know I haven’t optimized our potential yet! I know we can get to a higher level and really think everything I’m learning and have available thru the hub can get help get me there! Keep it up it, you are a huge asset to people! If only I had had you guys from the beginning, I can only imagine how much better we could’ve ran over the years!

- Ashley Wakefield

The love for The Boutique Hub is real. See for yourself! View the #HubLove here.



The Boutique Hub is for all boutique types, apparel, accessories, beauty, decor, and with all selling types from e-commerce, brick and mortar, mobile to social. We do require that all members have a legally operational business model including tax id and sales tax permit information. Models such as buy-in-groups are not allowed inside the Hub. We reserve the right to approve or deny any member as we see fit for the integrity of the community. Oh ya, and if you’re mean or don’t like to have fun, you’ll have to go.

If you sell wholesale goods to boutique retailers, we’d love to meet you! We are looking for brands with great reputations, that have been in business for at least 2 months’ time with the quality of their products tested so boutiques know what to expect! We take a firm stance against copy cat brands, so your original creativity should shine. Specifically, if you will ‘make anything’ for customers based on a google photo likely belonging to someone else….we’re not your community.

We get MANY requests to be a vetted service provider of the Hub, but are highly selective in who we partner with. Integrity, months in business, unique services or products, and proven track record are all considered in our terms of service. If you have an app, service, or tool for retailers, apply so we can get to know you and see if we’d be a match made in heaven.

We get it, life happens! You can cancel your monthly membership at any time! If you have an annual membership (which saves you $), you can cancel at that time, anything sooner will remove you from the community at that time. But remember, any discounts you have as a Hub member become void with industry service providers when membership is canceled!

We create new tips and trainings almost daily! We put all of these in our member’s training library, our blog, podcast, groups, and we’ll email you each week with updates! Want to see a training we haven’t created yet? Just ask

Want a more one on one or small group approach to your business? We offer in-depth courses outside of your membership. We have courses and bundles for Instagram, Boutique Owner Basics, Retail Bootcamp (our mother of all training), Holiday Marketing Masterclass and our signature Content Sanity Masterclass! These have varying levels of personal support, and each are far more in-depth than most training in our members’ library.

Once you join and are added to our groups, use our linked form to request your employee to join the groups! Our team will add them to your account information and group!

Yes, we just ask that you have legal documents for the start of your business. While we do ask for invoices and three months of operations to be in our Main Member’s group, we will add brand new boutique owners to our specialty – Boutique Owner Basics group, plus access to our wholesale members and training library to help you get started!


The Boutique Hub Caters to Boutiques and Service Providers

Are you a boutique?

Are you ready to plug your business into The Hub for the boutique Industry? Let’s grow!

Are you a service provider?

Have a product, app, service or resource for the boutique industry? Apply to join us here.