Pink Friday: Support Small Businesses

Pink Friday: Shop Small First

One HUGE day to #ShopSmallFirst–before Black Friday & before the big guys…Created by The Boutique Hub! Pink Friday is a small business spin on the traditional Black Friday shopping experience, reminding people to #ShopSmallFirst.

Black Friday is the largest shopping day of the year, but the sales and promotions from big box stores often overshadow the experiences that small businesses are focused on providing.

The goal on November 20th is to celebrate the businesses that are the backbone of our local communities, whether online or brick and mortar. Any small business can participate in Pink Friday.

“We know small businesses and the boutique retail industry have been hit hard this year. These stores often get overlooked on Black Friday, but these are the real businesses we need to be supporting this year. By creating Pink Friday and positioning it the week prior to Black Friday, we’re able to celebrate those businesses this holiday season and give them their own weekend to shine.”
– Ashley Alderson, CEO, The Boutique Hub

How Can Shoppers Participate?

How Can Business Owners to Participate?

  • Sign up here:
  • Grab a Promotional Bundle with window clings, stickers & more
  • Update your profile on to get on the map & activate a deal to show up on our deals list
  • Get on the Ultimate #ShopSmallFirst Map (details below)
  • Sign up for a slot in our Live Sale Marathon
  • Grab our media kit of digital promotional assets
  • Be included in our Gift Guides for shoppers
  • Share the Shop Small Pledge with your shoppers
  • Collaborate with your boutique besties to share more reasons to #ShopSmallFirst
  • Collab with 8 other stores or customers to make your own SHOP SMALL FIRST grid photo, share the week of Pink Friday with #ShopSmallFrist and #PinkFriday, tag @theboutiquehub to get reshared too! 

Promotion Ideas:

  • Everyone who orders on Pink Friday online gets a free gift with purchase or Bonus Bucks for $10 off in January 
  • Create a Pink Friday banner for your storefront – Go live in our Pink Friday live sale marathon in Shop The Best Boutiques Group- Spin the Pink Friday wheel at checkout for extra perks and deals – Pop a pink balloon at checkout for a savings 
  • Run a Pink Friday Doorbuster, first 50 customers in the store get a swag bag
  • Create Pink Friday bundles, pre-wrapped gifts for moms, teachers, best friends, and teens – What are you overstocked in?  Run a Pink Friday BOGO 1/2 off to keep them moving! 
  • Create a Pink Friday Facebook Event to invite customers too, serving them a notification and keep them engaged
  • Run a Pink Friday Giveaway – anyone who purchases that day is in for a Yeti! 
  • Create Pink Friday tees for your in-store team! 
  • Host a Pink Friday live sale, sharing your specials for the day!  
  • Team up with other stores, makers, and even brands for a Pink Friday promotion, sharing one another’s deals, and asking for Instagram follows – Create a video about what shopping small really means to you! Introduce yourself and how you impact your community! 
  • Make a Pink Friday collection on your site with sale items and bundles

If you are a Boutique Hub member you get an extra special perk…the Ultimate #ShopSmallFirst Map!

With this #ShopSmallFirst customers will be able to easily find boutiques in their area.

Join us this Pink Friday and we’ll email instructions on how to get your boutique on the map!

Want more details? Sign up (FREE) on the official Pink Friday website ( that lists all the ways consumers can shop, including an interactive of participating stores, and various deal and gift guides that will help consumers navigate the best gifts for everyone on their list.

We can’t wait to spread the good word about all the ways YOU are impacting your community on November 20th, Pink Friday!

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