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After coaching thousands of retailers, e-commerce stores and brands grow in record-setting ways, invest in yourself, with The Boutique Hub’s specialized courses & programs.

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The Boutique Hub PRODUCTS

Facebook Ads


Ready to refine your boutique’s digital presence?

With the Boutique Hub’s new course, Facebook Ads and Marketing Masterclass, you will learn to implement a Facebook & Instagram ad strategy that will not only add a new stream of income to your business, but will also allow you to grow your revenue when you are on the go!

Apparel manufacturing


 Are you eager to launch your own apparel brand but find the process daunting?

Bid farewell to uncertainties with The Apparel Manufacturing Masterclass. Led by industry experts Sam Paik, Ashley Alderson, and Philippa Comfort, this transformative course distills over 25 years of collective experience in production, wholesale, and brand management. Gain strategic foundations, creative design concepts, and end-to-end guidance to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey confidently.

Brand Owner Basics


Ready to Begin Your Journey as a Wholesale Brand? 

In today’s world, the fashion marketplace is brimming with thousands of businesses, but here’s the key to setting yourself apart from the crowd: Brand Owner Basics. Filled with exclusive digital tools and proven expert knowledge, the time has never been better to dive in and build a successful wholesale business!

Wholesale Marketing


The Ultimate Marketing Handbook made specifically for Wholesale Brands! This handbook is designed to ignite your creativity, optimize your wholesale marketing strategy, and boost your brand’s exposure. With this product you can be confident that your marketing is brimming with an abundance of fresh ideas, concepts to grow your contacts and ready to propel your success.

tradeshow marketing


Are you making the most of your tradeshow experience? Wholesale tradeshows are the best opportunity for businesses to expand their network, find new customers, gain insight into the industry, and build credibility. The Tradeshow Marketing Handbook will help you avoid costly mistakes, maximize your market ROI, and connect to a steady stream of loyal buyers for your growing brand.

Small Business Marketing


Are you ready to map out your social media right now with content that engages your audience and saves you time in the process? Tired of spinning your wheels wondering what events to plan or video content ideas to film? Working with thousands of boutique owners, and planning our own marketing for multiple channels, we’ve pulled together and created the ultimate Small Business marketing tool – giving you actionable ideas to implement into your business right now.

retail bootcamp

What does it look like to scale your retail business? There’s a system for that. Like college for boutique owners of all kinds, Retail Bootcamp is a live, 14 week group coaching program with hundreds of templates and guest experts built in, to help you systematically scale your business. Deep dive into your profitability, financials, team management, traffic sources, marketing, sales strategy, branding, Facebook Ads and all corners of your business to focus in on one thing, growth. Enrollment is only open June and January.

Small Business Hiring


Could you imagine playing a game of basketball but not knowing which hoop is yours, or not knowing the score of the game, or better yet, not even knowing any of the rules? Often this is exactly how our employees feel when we throw them into our daily business and tell them to “Sell”!

How to start a boutique


The ultimate step-by-step guide to starting your dream small business!

This handbook simplifies the 20 hoops any new boutique owner must jump through. With this guide you will be up and running faster and be able to rest assured you took all the necessary steps towards a successful business.

holiday marketing


Join Ashley Alderson as she walks through 6 Key Areas to maximize the holiday season. From content planning, e-commerce, and events to profitable promotions, team training, and traffic….this is the most sought-after holiday training program online. And it’ll impact your business all year long!

content sanity


Are you overwhelmed planning and creating content for your store? Stop spinning your wheels, and learn the content strategies that work. Use the 6 essential pieces of content weekly to batch and maximize content, preplan in a done-for-you spreadsheet, and use proven content creation guidelines and strategies from Ashley Alderson herself.

instagram ignite


Ready to level up your Instagram game? Deep dive into all the tools Instagram provides, build a content strategy that creates engagement and life-long customers, plus learn all the growth strategies proven on the platform. 

boutique owner


Are you a new boutique owner or just starting the retail business you’ve been hoping for? Save time and costly mistakes with this simple getting started program to make sure you’re on the right track from the start. This is a basic program walking you through buying, operations, marketing, and insider tips that every boutique owner should know but no one tells you.  



The #BoutiqueBoss® Planner is the ONLY planner of its kind, produced specifically for busy retailers. If you are a boutique owner, an independent retailer, an e-commerce store, or maker, this planner was built with you in mind.

Boutique Owner

profit first workshop

This workshop will walk you through the concepts and the exercises in Profit First for Retailers. As an Advanced Level Certified Profit First Professional, Christyne Gray will teach you why Profit First works so well for retail business cash flow management and the particular challenges for businesses that have physical products requiring inventory management.

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