Brand Name Boho Jewelry Chic

Boho Jewelry Chic

Brand Name Boho Jewelry Chic

Located In Michigan

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About Us Have you ever put on fashion jewelry made of various metals and after wearing it a couple of times realize the awful smell that develops? One day I was bored and started making hemp necklaces and what I discovered after wearing them was that I no longer felt like I was adding toxins to my wardrobe. The main focus of Boho Jewelry Chic is creating non metal jewelry made with 100% hemp with the exclusion of earrings due to a high volume of requests. They are made using 925 sterling silver hooks which most people can tolerate that have sensitive skin. Now you can turn heads without turning your skin icky and best of all the products are handcrafted in the USA. Our focus of creating non metal jewelry fills a growing need in the market for consumers that are seeking out a more natural approach to what they put on their skin along with the growing epidemic of metal allergies. The turquoise collection, the mixed stone collection and the wood collection are all designed using a variety of mixed beads therefore most pieces are one of a kind which gives a real sense of diversity of choice for your customers. With that in mind the product photos offer an example of the different made to order variations and are not exact replicas of what is expected upon delivery. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL BOUTIQUE HUB MEMBERS UNTILL December 31, 2019************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** All Prices listed on the website are retail. In order to log in to see wholesale prices please fill out a inquiry form to receive log in information by visiting our website at: and clicking on the the wholesale tab. You can also just click the word WHOLESALE below on this page under the wholesale application url or you can simply copy and paste this link between the colons into your browser: " " If you would like to request a wholesale catalog, order form and line sheet you may send a message to [email protected] (If you would like to set up login information on the site you may also request the wholesale catalog, line sheet and order forms as well.

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