Service Provider Name LA Fashion Concepts

LA Fashion Concepts

Service Provider Name LA Fashion Concepts

Service Type Buying Services

What You Do Traveling to Los Angeles can be a costly and frustrating experience. The wholesale markets are often difficult to navigate for even the most seasoned buyer. How do you know you are getting the lowest prices possible? With all the consolidation companies and online sites, like Fashion Go, it can be impossible to know. Online buying is convenient, but how many times do you feel you have wasted your money on goods that are not of the quality you expected? I have been in that position as a boutique owner for 10 years with over 25 years of retail experience.

LAFC is here to help you save time and money with our LA based buying service. Our goal is to help set you apart in the super competitive boutique market with the freshest styles while saving you money!

LAFC is a fast, convenient way to keep your inventory in check and stock your store quickly. We have experience in buying juniors, plus and tween and can find the best styles no matter your store vibe. The president and head buyer of LAFC is a boutique owner like yourselves with her pulse on what is moving in stores and understands the daily frustrations of being a boutique BOSS.

Give us a call or text at (626)491-2940 or email us at [email protected] to discuss how we can help your bottom line.



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