Brand Name MIX•O•LOGIE


Brand Name MIX•O•LOGIE

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About Us Hi - and welcome to Mixologie!

We're excited to tell you our story!

Our flagship line is Mixologie Blendable Perfume Collection. That's where it all began in 2016. What makes our perfumes unique? Well, for starters, they're alcohol-free - which means they are not too "perfumey." These roll-on perfumes are subtle and long-lasting. They're also blendable! There are 11 scents in our collection that can be worn alone or you can layered to create custom blends. You can follow one of our signature recipes, or create your own! Don't worry - you can't go wrong. Every fragrance combination smells fabulous. When you give Mixologie as a gift, you can't go wrong either. It's fail-proof gifting. Available as individually packaged roll-on perfumes or in gift sets.

The same scents that are in the Mixologie perfume line are also in our Fizzy Navel Bath Bombs and Top Shelf Luxury Lotions. If you (or your customer) gets hooked on a scent, there's lots of ways to indulge 🙂

Our Fizzy Navel Bath Bombs are unique because there's a ball of goat milk soap in the middle that you can use for multiple baths/showers. Each one is scented with one of our Mixologie perfumes.

Top Shelf Luxury Lotions are called "Top Shelf" for a reason. The # 1 ingredient is aloe vera juice, not water. We didn't stop there. If it's good for your skin, it's probably in this tube - cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, goat get the picture. A little bit goes a long way with these ultra rich lotions. Since they're scented with Mixologie fragrances, you can bet they are the ultimate indulgence.

We'd love to tell you more - don't hesitate to reach out! 866-731-4169 / [email protected]

Retailer Requirements If you're a fun boutique with a passion for bringing unique products to your customers, we want to get to know you! The first question we'll ask is where you are located, because we don't want to over-saturate your area if another store down the road is already selling Mixologie. Our minimum opening order is $200. We have several opening order pre-packs available to help you ensure a successful launch - so be sure to check those out! There are no minimums on re-orders, and all of our products are open-stock. You can order any quantity of any item. [email protected] 866-731-4169

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