Brand Name Layerz Clothing

Layerz Clothing

Brand Name Layerz Clothing

Located In Texas

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About Us Hey Y’all!
I’m Courtney Rayzor, the Founder, CEO and Designer here at Layerz Clothing. I set out on a mission to create this brand on June 24th, 2018 with a lifetime dream and a budget. I spent 10 years as professional apparel and footwear buyer for boutiques as well as mid-large-scale western lifestyle retail stores. Which taught me a tremendous amount about buying, budgets, inventory planning, sales reports and marketing but it didn’t teach me a thing about how to start my own clothing line. With zero background in apparel design, sourcing or manufacturing I did what any good small-town American girl does and turned to the internet. The number one questions I get asked still to this day is “How did you do it?, How did you create your own clothing brand?”, I am serious when I say THE INTERNET. I sat on my couch for a solid two days in my PJ’s searching for anything and everything I needed to know. Yes of course the first large order was very nerve-racking, and I have learned a ton since. But had I not had the courage to jump in, Layerz Clothing would not exist today. I truly believe that anything and everything you want to do exists for free on the internet already, you just have to be willing to put in the work to do it.

Layerz Clothing is the definition of a boutique brand, unique, eye catching, specialized, detailed, high quality and trendy. Boutiques were created to offer a specialized assortment to high end cliental and Layerz Clothing is on a mission to bring that culture back to the boutique world. Layerz Clothing designs feature intricate embroidery details on bold prints and amazing fabrics. We truly believe that everyone should feel amazing in what they wear and that a special outfit can change your mood. We strive to be different and offer styles that have unique features that make the item special. The entire Layerz Clothing line is proudly designed in the tiny Texas town of Washington, Texas. Fun fact, that is where the great state of Texas was founded in 1836.

Retailer Requirements 6 pieces of one style/one color opening order. After you have opened an account you can order whatever you'd like. Our website requires a $100 re-order amount. We offer style protection for zip codes. Our inventory is open stock S-XL & 2XL and you can pick your sizes, no pre-packs.

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