We equip boutique owners to learn how to run a business and build a legacyWe specialize in Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax, and Consulting.  Need more info?  Download our brochure Outsourcing Bookkeeping.

Hub members receive special pricing on our services.  Mention The Boutique Hub to receive a $5/hr discount. (Bookkeeping services include accounting software) plus discounted payroll processing and sales tax!

What We Do:

Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax and Consulting

Contact Info

Lindsey Roberts
[email protected]

What our customers are saying:

HarQuin has been a lifesaver with my bookkeeping. I have signed up for my second year with them and highly recommend them. If you are afraid of outsourcing your bookkeeping but need someone dependable, I strongly urge you to contact them. They are extremely affordable and have saved me countless hours! – Julie Blanco

When my company grew, I knew it was best if I focused on building my business vs. managing tasks like sales tax liability. For years, I’ve managed to do all things myself, but as we reached nexus in multiple states I needed an expert. Spending my time learning all there is to know across multiple states was too great of an opportunity cost. After all, my ignorance should something be filed incorrectly was no excuse. HarQuin Bookkeeping has been an amazing partner in handling these tasks that I needed to outsource. I’ve worked with several individuals on their team, each of whom has been knowledgeable, helpful and tuned into my needs as a small business. They take the time to explain things and keep me informed on what I need to know. HarQuin’s logo is a tandem bicycle…I couldn’t think of a better icon! – Denise Albright

HarQuin has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We utilize their Accounting, Payroll as well as their Sales Tax services and could not be happier with the quality of work and the personal service that I receive on a regular basis! I would recommend HarQuin to any business looking for a COMPLETE accounting portfolio. Thank you HarQuin!!! – Brett Potts

Our company has been working with HarQuin Bookkeeping for over two years. We were not an easy customer to work with, and I am so impressed with how professional, pleasant and capable the entire team was to work with. As we were focused on growing our young business, we needed accurate, timely and complete bookkeeping and HarQuin did their job so that we could do ours. Special call out to Jen, Jo and Bianca as they are totally awesome. I recommend their services to any company who is not yet ready for their own full-time accounting staff. I can be available to discuss further if you wish, the HarQuin folks will provide you with my contact information. – Scott Liston

I started my online boutique in September 2020. I knew I needed to get my bookkeeping in order in May of 2022 because it was causing me a lot of stress, and I wasn’t sleeping at night. I found HarQuin Boutique Bookkeeping Co through Boutique Hub and decided to take the plunge, and I’m so glad I did! HarQuin was quick, thorough and concise. I just received my financials today. I’m so thankful I found HarQuin. I now have detailed and accurate information as I move forward. Thanks so much, HarQuin! – Kim Hiser

I have only worked with HarQuin Boutique Bookkeeping Co for a short time, but within 24 hours of submitting my information they began working on my books/taxes. Everyone has been so extremely helpful – especially with my silly questions! I have never had a response time wait over an hour; my issues are always fixed so quickly! Would recommend 1000x over! – Brittany Hanks

I couldn’t recommend HarQuin Boutique Bookkeeping Co more. I found HarQuin a year into opening our small business and they literally took ALL of the stress off my plate! They went back and caught us up on ALL of our bookkeeping. I recommend them to everyone I know who asks for tips on starting their own business because they are NECESSARY if you want any peace of mind when it comes to what comes in and what goes out of your business. Also soooo affordable! I’m excited they have a podcast now! – Rachel Jenk 

I highly recommend HarQuin! Each team member I’ve worked with has gone above and beyond to make sure not only that my books are correct but that I understand where I went wrong before or why they suggest to do it a different way than I have in the past. I love the clarity and peace of mind their services bring me! – Autumn Cone

HarQuin has been great! I work closely with Erica in whom I have complete confidence. – James Chi

One piece of advice I stand by is to hire a bookkeeper and a CPA. I’ve been with HarQuin for over a year and they are not only reasonably priced but they have the BEST customer service I have ever encountered. They specialize in boutiques and are on top of everything. And I’m paying half of what my previous bookkeeper charged. – Rhonda Madrid

It has been absolutely fantastic working with HarQuin. They are very professional and most importantly extremely easy to work with, In fact I have spoken on the phone with multiple members from the HarQuin team (Lindsay, and Jen) and something I’ve observed each and every time is how polite and respectful they are when working with their clients. Also their prices are very reasonable for a small business. Apart from that you get your own dedicated bookkeeper which is a huge plus. HarQuin really knows what they are doing when it comes to bookkeeping and that allows me to focus solely on the growth and other avenues of my business. If you are new to business or in need for any bookkeeping services look no further, get on board with HarQuin Bookkeeping. – Keshika Munasinghe

I’ve used HarQuin for over 3 years now & have always received prompt, consistent, reliable & friendly service. I LOVE that they give you your ‘own’ bookkeeper so the same person is always overseeing your records. Rates are very reasonable for the high quality work they do. They’re very easy to work with and I cannot recommend them more highly! – Dave Lewis

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