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All Things #BoutiqueStyle with Nikki Casey, Director of Style at The Boutique Hub

All Things #ShopTheBestBoutiques with Nikki Casey, Director of Style at The Boutique Hub

Today we’re talking about all things #BoutiqueStyle with one of our favorite ladies, Nikki Casey, Director of Style at The Boutique Hub. As you all might know, The Boutique Hub had their major site split earlier this year, and we couldn’t be more pumped! Nikki is here to give us all the ins and outs of our new site Boutique.Style. You’ll get to learn about how this site will help shoppers find a simpler way to discover your boutique and help them find unique, trustworthy business to buy from. We got to create an amazing win-win scenario for both shoppers and boutique owners!

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All Things #BoutiqueStyle with Nikki Casey

  1. Boutique.Style is a place where shoppers can feel comfortable because they know they are shopping with trustworthy, legitimate businesses. 
  2. If your a boutique owner there’s no way you shouldn’t take advantage of this great opportunity to grow your business. There’s no losses but gains at this point (completely FREE when you’re a boutique hub member!) 
  3. Take advantage of our free promotions at the Hub! Such as participating in uploading your products for gifts or weekly trend reports!


“Customers can gain comfort when doing business with boutiques, knowing this is a legitimate business vs the knockoff/copycat boutique online, we literally vet every boutique owner so it’s only going to be quality boutiques that make it on Boutique Style.”- Ashley A.

“Right now you can search on style by location, store type, store style, or store specialty. If you are visiting somewhere and you want to see the boutiques in that area you can search that way. And in the future we have even more search options coming!”- Nikki Casey


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Original Air Date: November 19th, 2019
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