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Boutique Hub X Road Runners: A New Partnership Shaking Up the Industry!

The Boutique Hub is proud to announce an official partnership with Road Runners LLC to provide specialty retailers with access to exclusive education, data-based metrics, and professional networking events.

Road Runners LLC, a sales agency representing brands within the specialty retail market, is using its expertise as a rep agency to help spread the word about the valuable resources available on the Boutique Hub.

The Boutique Hub is a place where the entire industry can come together and support one another for the sake of business growth and success,” said Ashely Alderson, CEO of The Boutique Hub. “We’re incredibly excited about our new partnership with Road Runners LLC and confident our community will offer specialty retailers a unique mix of new connections, masterclasses, and professional insight to inspire them in their business ventures. There is no competition here — just a community of professionals with a genuine desire to support one another.”

Over the past 10 years, the Boutique Hub’s one-of-a-kind educational dashboard and wholesale platform have revolutionized the apparel community. Now, with the partnership between Road Runners and The Boutique Hub, specialty retailers will have a place where they can find collaboration, connections, and tools specifically designed for the home and gift industry. 

Road Runner’s Reputation as a leader in Home & Gift Industry 

Road Runners has over 50 reps across the United States. They represent a vast assortment of leading brands, including giftware, apparel, stationery, books, toys, baby, fashion, fragrance, and personal care products.

“Road Runners LLC is thrilled to announce our partnership with The Boutique Hub, a dynamic platform uniting gift, home, and apparel boutique owners alike,” said Angela Schmook, Road Runners VP of Marketing and Operations. “Together, we’re not just navigating the roads; we’re paving the way for a new era of business. This collaboration signifies our commitment to empowering boutique owners, enhancing customer experiences, and driving innovation in the
specialty retail industry.”

The Road Runners Reps have a reputation as leaders in the home and gift industry. They are known for their expertise and experience in sales strategy, product assortment, sell-through insight, and merchandising tips. Together, with The Hub, the Reps will share what’s working and what’s not working in our industry. Their knowledge will help to grow, expand, and enrich the Hub community.  In turn, The Hub will help equip the Reps with even more business and industry knowledge to share with their stores who are members. 

What got us Here won’t get us There

Since its start, The Boutique Hub has created a community voice across the apparel industry. But this new partnership represents The Hub’s commitment to being the community voice for ALL specialty retailers—from apparel to home, gifts, children’s, and more. No matter what a retailer sells, the resources and education in the Hub are the best avenues for business growth. The Boutique Hub and Road​ Runners partnership supports long-term success for all. What got us Here, won’t get us There. Together The Hub and Road Runners will show that “community over competition” is the future for the entire retail industry!

How can We help You?

The Boutique Hub and Road Runners are finding new ways to help YOU. A rising tide lifts all ships! The goal of this new collaboration with Road​ Runners is to bring more opportunities to our current members and expand our community through education and wholesale buying.

To learn more about joining The Boutique Hub, visit  or see in us in person! The Boutique Hub can be found at the  Dallas Market Center 13-812, Atlanta Apparel 9-E319, or in any of the Road Runner’s Showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta, and the Vegas World Expo. 

There has never been a better time to join our growing community!


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