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✨Celebrating our Community✨ MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Susan Sedgley ✦ Romantiques Los Gatos ✦ Celebrating 30 years in business on Friday, May 31st! Also celebrating still learning new things thanks to the Ashley Alderson and Sara Ragatz Burks!

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We’re obsessed with helping you build more profit, more impact, and more sales all with a lot less stress and time.


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Since 2013, Ashley Alderson & the passionate team at The Hub have been connecting businesses to the tools, education and community they need most. In community over competition, The Boutique Hub has created a lasting impact on the retail industry, and those who depend on it.

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Ready to discover new lines & connect with your favorite brands in person in 2024? Download our FREE 2024 Tradeshow Calendar. The Boutique Hub’s complete schedule of apparel, footwear, accessories, home, and gift trade shows is the essential sourcing guide for all boutiques & independent retailers.
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"The Boutique Hub has hands down been one of the best things that has happened to me and my business. I have seen so much growth not only financially but within my myself as a business owner and as a boss since joining The Hub. Our web traffic and sales are up, our B&M sales are up and everyone is happier because we have structure and no one is stretched thin anymore."

– Mary Margaret Culpepper

Dear Stella Boutique


Listen to the #1 podcast for retailers, wholesalers & product based businesses, BoutiqueChat!

Each week, Ashley Alderson hosts real conversations & quick tips with business owners of all kinds, to hear the no-fluff, secret sauce that works for them.  Then she leaves a clear understanding of how it can work for you too!

How can you grow your business, while also living a life you love? That is the question we aim to answer each week.

"Add testimonial description here. Edit and place your own text."

"Add testimonial description here. Edit and place your own text."!!

"Add testimonial description here. Edit and place your own text."!!!!

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"I have just joined The Boutique Hub and I am so excited!!! I can't wait to go back and listen to more podcast and new ones each week!"

"I am so happy I stumbled across Ashley’s podcast! I love hearing all of her guest experts experience in the fashion/entrepreneur world."

"I always get something out of each podcast that I can immediately put in to place to help me!!!!!"


Michiko Seto

Michiko Seto

The Keys To
Boutique Success

jodi stevens

Jodi Stevens

Maximizing Events and the Customer Experience


ASHLEY alderson

6 Lessons Business Owners Can Learn From Taylor Swift




A community of support, strategy, education, and growth.

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Owning a business can feel like a lonely island, where you face new challenges daily, that only a few people know how to handle.

Joined the Hub last fall & can't even begin to say how thankful I am I did! From the boutique planner to the courses to training library - I did it ALL & its made a WORLD of difference! Not to mention all the amazing Hub Service Providers!

– Abby Morales

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Ready to save time, costly mistakes and invest in proven strategies and mentorship to grow your business faster?

After coaching thousands of retailers, ecommerce stores and brands grow in record setting ways, invest in yourself, withThe Boutique Hub’s specialized courses & programs.


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72+ digital pages of daily, weekly and monthly content ideas, engagement questions, social posts, buying collections, live sale games, giveaway tips and more!

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You can’t build a business with longevity, without building a fundamentally sound business with the ability to scale.  Chasing social media trends, or even pouring on paid ads will not fix your problems.
Stop working so hard, and work smarter leveraging your CEO mindset and not the hustling do-it-all entrepreneur. 









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