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Facebook Ad Strategies for Small Business Retailers


If you really want to reach more people, if you really want to find new shoppers, if you want to get your brand in front of new eyeballs, whether it’s local to come in through your front door or whether it’s national to just come on your site and buy, ads are a really great way to do it faster.”

Welcome back to the Boutique Chat podcast! In today’s discussion, I am chatting with The Boutique Hub’s Director of Digital Marketing, Jeff Fenn. We’re addressing common queries and misconceptions surrounding ads, aiming to demystify this essential aspect of modern marketing. Let’s dive in!

Facebook Ad Strategies for Small Business Retailers

Dispelling Misconceptions

To kick things off, let’s address some common misconceptions about running ads. Many business owners wonder if they even need ads or if organic growth is sufficient. While organic methods can work, especially in the early days of social media, platforms like Facebook have evolved into pay-to-play environments. With 94% of Facebook’s revenue coming from ads, it’s clear that advertising is integral to reaching a wider audience efficiently.

Assessing Readiness

So, how do you know if you’re ready to start running ads? It’s essential to evaluate your readiness on multiple fronts. Firstly, ensure that your Meta Business Suite account is set up correctly, with all necessary links and information in place. Secondly, consider your online presence—is your website aligned with your brand, and does it reflect your personality effectively? Finally, assess your budget. Ads can yield significant returns, but they require investment to maintain momentum and capitalize on opportunities.

Starting Small

When it comes to budgeting for ads, starting small can be prudent. Rapid testing cycles, with budgets as low as $5-$10 a day, allow you to gauge initial performance without committing significant resources. These initial tests help identify winning strategies and inform future budget allocations. As campaigns prove successful, scaling up gradually ensures continued growth while minimizing risk.

Beyond Online Businesses

While online sales are a primary focus for many advertisers, brick-and-mortar businesses can also benefit from ads. Rather than viewing ads solely as a means to drive online sales, consider them as tools for increasing awareness and foot traffic to your physical store. Localized ad campaigns can attract customers to your brick-and-mortar establishment, fostering personal connections and driving revenue through in-person interactions.

Experimentation in Advertising

Jeff stressed the importance of experimentation in advertising. He mentioned that nobody knows for sure which ads will perform best, and the key is to run multiple types of ads simultaneously to see which ones yield the best results.

Understanding the Sales Funnel

Jeff explained the concept of the sales funnel, which consists of three layers: top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel. Each layer targets customers at different stages of the buying journey, from attracting new customers to encouraging repeat purchases.

Starting Point in Advertising

The starting point in advertising depends on the health of your sales funnel. If your pixel data shows a significant number of abandoned carts, focusing on retargeting might be the best approach. However, if you’re new and lack sufficient data, starting with top of funnel ads to attract new customers is recommended.

Taking Your Ad Strategy to the Next Level

Ready to take your business to the next level? Jeff and our team have put together educational resources that can help you take your business to the next level with advertising.

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