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Episode #38: Looking at the Evolution of Wholesale, with FashionGo CEO, Daniel Lee

That’s right, Ashley chatted with FashionGo’s CEO Daniel Lee. They breakdown where the wholesale industry has been, what it’s doing now, and what’s on the horizon. FashionGo and other online wholesalers make it possible for boutique owners to shift their buying strategy on a weekly basis rather than yearly or quarterly, and that is changing the game.

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Daniel was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated from USC grad school, Comm. He studied abroad in China and Korea and has a passion for design, arts, and fashion. He is the eldest of three sisters.

He is Chief Executive Officer of NHN Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NHN Entertainment. As CEO, he leads initiatives across the Commerce (FashionGo, CompSolution, LOIT) and Content (Comico), divisions. Prior to becoming CEO of NHN Global, he was CEO of FashionGo and led the merger between FashionGo and NHN Entertainment USA in 2017.

FashionGo is a leading global business-to-business platform that connects fashion brands with retailers that achieved $500 million in transaction volume in 2017.


  • Retailers love big selections and cheap shipping.
  • Successful buyers on FashionGo make a purchase more than once a week.
  • Mixing markets and online buying helps you succeed.
  • Millennials are making smaller but more frequent purchases.
  • Production cycles are moving toward fast fashion.

05:20 – Moving online.
08:40 – What retailers can find on FashionGo.
10:40 – Shaping the wholesale industry.
18:00 – Fixing FashionGo’s payment issues.
21:30 – Trademark & copyright infringement.
25:00 – Getting to know Daniel.

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Original Air Date: October 23, 2018
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