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Episode #39: 5 Critical Tips for Holiday Sales, with Ashley Alderson, The Boutique Hub

Do you know where Black Friday got its name? Well traditionally, retailers were in the red financially all year, but when the holiday shopping season hit they moved into the black. Hopefully, that’s not the case for you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of this powerful season. This week we are diving into 5 critical tips to help you maximize the busiest season in retail and push you into a powerful 2019 season.

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Once upon a time, boutiques were elusive creatures that were difficult to find online. That’s when our Founder Ashley Alderson first started The Hub based on her desire to shop boutiques around the world, regardless of her rural location.

Once launched, Ashley’s formal background in small business development and marketing began to foster a deeper community at The Boutique Hub. Ashley noticed that these owners she featured needed a greater voice in fashion, specialized coaching and training, and a central point to connect, collaborate, share tips and find tools to grow their businesses.

Today, Ashley passionately leads The Boutique Hub and it’s two sides of its platform, while still coaching and mentoring many boutique owners, and being an advocate for small businesses in fashion. She is a wife, busy momma of 3, jewelry junkie, barrel racer, a cancer survivor, speaker of sarcasm, and heart for those with a dream.

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  • Don’t throw your new employees to the wolves.
  • Does your staff actually know the goals for the 4th quarter?
  • Margins are the most important thing to look at.
  • Be clear in your messaging for promotions.
  • Give your customers extra value and support.

03:00 – Training your staff how to approach customers.
10:45 – There are only three ways to grow your business.
13:00 – How to apply KISS method for Black Friday.
17:20 – Profit VS Sales. Don’t give away the farm.
19:50 – It’s all about the experience.
26:20 – Get personal.

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Original Air Date: November 6, 2018
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