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Episode #222: Why You Need Both Your Right And Left Brain While Running a Business with Krisee and Whitney, Founders of Hayloft Boutique

Running a business can be tough. Krisee and Whitney, founder’s of Hayloft Boutique, join us for today’s episode Why You Need Both Your Right And Left Brain While Running a Business. From starting their business with a single t-shirt to now owning a blooming online shop and storefront, Krissee and Whitney give us all the info on how it all came together so perfectly. Some important topics discussed in today’s episode include using CommentSold, managing your inventory, and how to balance the analytical side & the creative side as a lean business. These ladies did not spare any details on what has helped them create a successful business! 

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  1. Running your numbers and knowing your inventory are crucial to success .
  2. Once you have a hold of your numbers, it is equally as important to know what’s happening in the frontline of your business, what’s selling, what’s not and why. Ask your staff! 
  3. Knowing when you absolutely need something before investing, so you aren’t creating a wasted expense.

“Our numbers are really locked down, but on that same aspect if you’re just looking at numbers you’re going to miss so much.” – Whitney

“In our business, we are very careful that we are sure that we need it, absolutely, positively have to have it, before we go out and do it.” – Whitney

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Original Air Date: July 31, 2019
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