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Grow Your Boutique with Facebook and Instagram

Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat: 6 Video Ideas for Your Boutique

If you like to feel comfortable, you’re not going to like this message. It’s not for you.

Do you know what happens when we start to feel comfortable in business?  We fail.

Staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technology is hard, marketing changes are frustrating, and simply trying to find where to focus your time is exhausting.  But as much as those things may make us uncomfortable, they are necessary evils along the path to success.

One marketing strategy change that may have you dragging your feet is about to make you stand up and take action.


Facebook recently announced the expansion of Facebook Live into all channels, your profile, your page and even your groups.  During the same week, Instagram also announced that their video clips would be expanded from 15 seconds to 1 full minute. Finally, the buzz has been getting louder and louder about Snapchat for both photos and video!

You may be wondering as a boutique or a fashion business how this change impacts you, and I’m here to say that it’s time to get comfortable in front of the camera. (que the uncomfortable part)

Video is the most digestible from of social content garnering over 1200% more shares and engagement than text and images combined (via Brightcove).


Companies using video see on average of 41% more traffic to their sites than those not using the medium (via Aberdeen).


40% of consumers say that video will increase the chance they will purchase a product from a mobile device (via Adobe).


These stats were each published prior to the release of Facebook Live, and as if those weren’t enough…


Videos shared natively on Facebook has an average of 10x higher reach than those shared via YouTube links (via SocialBakers).


Ok, you get the point, but as a fashion business, how can you start using video to grow your reach and convert leads into sales?

Simple. Whether you’re sharing an animated slide show video of still images, a short clip of your model walking and turning taken on your cell phone, or a selfie video of you talking and touring your store, the possibilities are endless.  Just consider your audience.

Is this a short clip great for Instagram or Snapchat?  Or is it a longer message or preview better suited for your Facebook page, group or YouTube channel.   Once you have a video to share, cross promote that baby on numerous channels for new exposure or use it as a new video ad for Facebook Advertising!

Here are a few content ideas to get you started with great videos your customers will love!

1. Introduce Yourself

Do you have an “I story”?  A reason why you do what you do, a passion that drives you each day, or mission greater than your brand?  Your customers want to know who is behind the shop they support. If they feel as though they know you, can relate to you, or generally like and trust you, the chances of them shopping with you increase significantly.

This type of video doesn’t have to be advanced, something short and sweet captured from your phone will work beautifully. Share a clip to Instagram, post it on your page, and share it in your group.  Want to super change your engagement? End your video with a question for your followers to answer.  Ask them about a similar mission they support or to share what motivates them!


2. Share a Sneak Peak

There is no better way to get your customers excited about new arrivals going live on the website than a peek at what’s coming!   Share a short video of you opening the boxes and unpacking, holding and showing the new prints and fabrics up close, or even your models trying on outfits for a photo shoot and talking about what they love most about these new pieces.

Build excitement and anticipation for your new pieces.  These short clips are great for Snapchat, Instagram and your groups.   Shoot them on your phone or go live right into your group!


3. Share a Funny

Do you ever have random visitors to your store or warehouse?  Pets, Christmas Carolers, mascots, wild animals or guests and events you don’t know how to categorize?  Go live with video to capture the moment and share with your followers.

No one wants to be sold to all of the time.  Take the opportunity to create emotion with fans that only makes them feel more connected over time.


4. Take your fans to Market

#Bethebuyer posts have been popular for quite some time, video creates an even more intimate way to shop with your customers.   Share a video of a rack you are looking through, a question about what shoes they like best, or that overwhelmed look you’re familiar with when you first walk though the main lobby and look around to see where to shop first!


5. Say Thanks

Humility is a lost art in this world. Take a moment to share a video of orders going out,  a super messy store after a very busy day, a line to your register, or a stack of thank you cards ready to be packed, all to tell your fans what they mean to you.  Let them know that you care and that you won’t take them for granted no matter how successful you become!


6. Host a Party, Weekly

Use a video clip to host a giveaway, a party or a weekly event! Rather than type out the rules, share a video to let fans know what to do.  Share another video to keep the momentum up and another for thank you’s and winners.

Do you offer weekly auctions or set times that you post new arrivals? This is a great time to use video to show what’s going live tonight and to get fans excited to visit your site!

No matter what type of video you plan to share, remember this.  Perfection isn’t reality.  Sure there are brands with huge budgets for beautiful video, but you don’t need to be or hire a professional to create great video.

Choose what works best for you and be authentic!    Your customers will thank you for it.

Ready to get stared (and out of your comfort zone)?

We’re hosting a video challenge in our Facebook group just for Boutique Owners. If you haven’t already, join us and share a quick video to introduce yourself. I promise you’ll find (just have each of those who have already posted) that it’s not as hard as you think.

Join us and say hello  or if you’re in the group, add that video already!

Cheers + #BoutiqueLove,


Founder and Chief Motivator at The Boutique Hub


Did you like this post?  Not to say we saw this coming (but we kind of did) – check out the post we did over a year ago on the same topic with some REAL LIFE examples of fun boutique videos & tips on how to get started!   See it here, also on the #BoutiqueLove Blog



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