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Five Ways Boutiques can benefit from the OFFPRICE Show

Throughout our training at The Boutique Hub, we know that successful boutique owners are like three-legged stools. They must have keen marketing skills, an eye for style and buying, but also a drive to dig into the numbers.  Financials, margins, and data seem to be the most often overlooked part of that stool, leaving many boutiques feeling the struggle. We recently shared 7 financial tips with boutique owners that are crucial to success, two of which dealt with margins and sourcing competitively priced products.  

We have been thrilled to partner with The Offprice Show in Las Vegas for a number of years now because we believe in the power of supplementing your buys with off-price goods found at the show. While you are in Las Vegas to visit well-known brands at Magic and WWIN, don’t forget to shop margin boosters at OFFPRICE too!

Whether you’re a big box store or a small independent retailer, one thing is for sure: trade shows are a must. Although trade shows can be daunting for small businesses, they are a great way to gain competitor insight and improve retail strategies. Many boutiques have found the OFFPRICE Show has given them a competitive edge in today’s retail environment. How? Here are five ways the OFFPRICE Show can benefit your boutique!

Introduce New Merchandise Risk-Free
One of the great perks of being an independent retailer is having the freedom to pick and choose the merchandise you want to represent your store. You get to set the rules, hire employees and earn a profit. At the OFFPRICE Show, retailers have the same power. Not only do you have the ability to negotiate prices, but you also have more control over the amount of merchandise you plan to buy. At OFFPRICE, you don’t have to buy merchandise in bulk to receive a significant discount. Retailers of all sizes have the chance to treasure hunt, risk-free. Introducing new products has never been easier, cost-effective or more convenient!

One-Stop Shopping
Shopping for your retail store can be a challenge. Finding it all in one stop can be even more difficult. At the OFFPRICE Show, you will find the widest range of apparel for men, women and children, making your shopping experience a seamless one. Whether you’re looking for men’s bow ties or women’s western wear, you can count on finding it all at OFFPRICE.  

Stand out from the Crowd with Unique Merchandise
The best way to move merchandise is to stand out from the crowd. Although zip code protection is available among boutiques, there still may be similar styles within the area affecting your sales. That’s why the OFFPRICE Show is a great opportunity for retailers. It allows you to gather comprehensive product information and discover unique trends that will set you apart from your competitors – guaranteed.

Immediate Goods
The OFFPRICE Show is a unique order-writing trade show. Instead of buying from a manufacturer, our exhibitors have immediate goods, which means merchandise at the show will be available in their warehouses. This also means that you will receive merchandise on your sales floor in less time, leaving you and your customers satisfied.

No need to Mark down Merchandise
Customers have reshaped the retail landscape drastically in the last decade. Shoppers value speed and rock-bottom prices, forcing retailers to evolve their strategies. Rather than buying merchandise for your store at full-price, buy low at the OFFPRICE Show and mark up merchandise to improve your bottom-line. Your customers will appreciate your every day low prices, and you will appreciate the sale. It’s a win-win situation.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits that OFFPRICE can offer your boutique, visit www.offpriceshow.com, contact us at 262-785-1600 or get social with us on Facebook and Twitter at @OFFPRICEShow!

Hero Image: Trendy and Tipsy

Author Katy Albrecht is the Publishing Editor of Off-Price Retailing magazine, a B2B retail publication providing retailers with the best tools and resources to build and grow successful businesses. With three years under her belt at OFFPRICE, Katy has developed a deep understanding of the off-price sector, retail strategies, and merging digital media with real-world consumer behavior. 


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