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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Budget Savvy College Student

We are back this week with another perfect gift guide and we found some foolproof gifts for the college students in your life! Being in college means pampering yourself won’t happen too often, so why not give them gifts they wouldn’t usually splurge on. From hats for the fashionista to the cozy pullover they’ll want to live in- we got it all!

Here are the fabulous gifts we pulled for college students and they’re all under $50!

Blanc Boutique || The Boutique Hub

Blanc Boutique || Grown A** Woman Mug $16.95

Carolyn Hearn || The Boutique Hub

Carolyn Hearn ||  Essential Oil Stack $39.00 

Kade & Cate | The Boutique Hub

Kade & Cate || Make Up Junkie Mediums $40.00

Yaya Gurlz | The Boutique Hub

Yaya Gurlz || Turquoise Slab Phone Grip $32.95

Calico's Boutique | The Boutique Hub

Calico’s Boutique || Cozy Me Up Pullover $ 38.00

Glamour South Market | The Boutique Hub

Glamour South Market || Vintage Wool Hat  $30.00

Southern Sol | The Boutique Hub

Southern Sol || Serape Print Cosmetic Bag $12.75

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Want to find more amazing holiday gifts like these? Check out our Facebook group, Shop The Best Boutiques! We have a whole shopping thread featuring the latest styles!

Hero Image: Glamour South Market


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