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Episode #40: Protecting Original Work with Trademarks, Copyrights & Licencing Agreements, Plus Working with High-Level Influencers, with Mike Satterfield of RBR Wholesale and The Gentleman Racer

Get ready to take notes. Copyrights, trademarks, and licensing agreements. Four words that might send chills down your spine. But today we’re breaking them down with Mike Satterfield to cover what each brand and boutique should know to protect your business plus the original work of designers.  

Plus as a little bonus for the conversation, outside of retail and wholesale, Mike is also a well-known influencer in the automotive industry. From working with the biggest car companies in the world, Mike answers your questions about influencer ROI, contracts, and finding companies to work with.  We’ve got you covered in this episode with several actionable takeaways!

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Michael is an entrepreneur and designer who has collaborated with a number of brands including Shelby American, Mazda, Coach, Fiat, Sony, Gulf Oil, and many others. In 2007 Michael launched the Original Cowgirl® and M&P Speed Shop™ clothing brands under his family’s company RBR Wholesale. Michael has also worked with NGOs in Nicaragua since 1998, building schools and other educational infrastructure. In addition to working in apparel and design Michael has been published as an author and photographer for print and online publications, including his own site


  • Be original and serve your customer. Always.
  • The internet is the Wild West for intellectual property.
  • Did you create this? If the answer is “no” you’re probably in trouble.
  • Just because something is available to download doesn’t mean it’s in the public domain for you to use and sell.
  • Is the value of the product based on your work or the product you’re using?
  • Don’t assume it’s malicious.
  • If you hear “Can you make this for me?” Your answer should be “NO”
  • Treat influencing like a job. Not a hobby. Treat it professionally.

04:20 – Mike’s entrance into the industry.
09:05 – If he could change one thing.
12:05 – Don’t just make a quick buck.
16:45 – What can you license?
20:50 – How do you protect yourself?
29:35 – Choosing to sell to independent retailers first.
33:20 – Mike in the influencer life.
39:50 – Influencing has to feel natural.
45:50 – Where does Mike go for inspiration.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Original Air Date: November 13, 2018
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