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The Boutique Awards | 2017 Winners

From over 400,000 votes cast, and 4,000 boutiques around the world nominated, the 2017 Boutique Awards Winners are here!

Supporting small businesses and independent fashion boutique owners is defying what the media calls a ‘retail apocalypse,’ in a big way. Over the past 60 days, we’ve watched in awe as boutique shoppers from across the globe have gathered together to celebrate their favorite stores–stores that supply women, men and children of all styles, ages, budgets and sizes with clothing, accessories and home goods.
These boutiques have been able to prove that the world of small business retail is alive and well; as these businesses are able to provide shoppers with a unique experience, a wide variety of products, unbeatable service, and most importantly, long-lasting, personal connections with their customers.

We celebrate you and salute you, the WINNERS of the 2017 Boutique Awards, and all the stores who participated through the entire Awards process. Cheers to a fabulous year ahead!

Official Winners List: (available at

Overall: The Lace Cactus
Runner Up: Filly Flair
Overall: Discount Divas
Storefront: Jennarations Boutique
Online: Discount Divas
Children’s: Lily Pads Boutique
Mobile: The Tipsy Gypsy Boutique
Overall: 4 Gals Boutique
Storefront: Apricot Lane – Anchorage
Online: 4 Gals Boutique
Children’s: Tiny Ptarmigan
Overall: Luxxe B Boutique
Storefront: Luxxe B Boutique
Online: Southwest Bedazzle Boutique
Overall: Kade & Cate
Storefront: Harwell Designs
Online: RiffRaff Boutique
Children’s: Simply Sweet Kids
Overall: Bombshells
Storefront: Sassy Cowgirl’s Closet
Online: Dazey LA
Children’s: Blaze + Wander
Mobile: Pistol’s and Petticoats
Overall: Love on a Hanger
Storefront:Love on a Hanger
Online: CC Reese
Mobile: Acey Designs: Street Chic
Overall: Thistle and Reed
Overall: Stubborn Soul
Overall: Prep Obsessed
Storefront: Prep Obsessed
Online: Lil Bee’s Bohemian Boutique
Children’s: Bea & Louise
Overall: Rolling Ranch Boutique
Storefront: Cover Me Southern
Online: Jules & James Boutique
Children’s: Tummy Time
Mobile: Rolling Ranch Boutique
Overall: Gemma’s Treasure
Storefront: Persimmon Boutique Hawaii
Online: Gemma’s Treasure
Children’s: Tini Manini
Overall: Cheekys
Storefront: Bella Blue Boutique
Online: Cheekys
Children’s: Buns in the Oven
Mobile: The Frosted Cowgirls
Overall: Simple Blessings
Storefront: Simple Blessings
Online: Glamour Farms
Children’s: Sugar N Spice & Everything Nice
Mobile: Runaway Rack
Overall: Denim and Honey
Storefront: The Pink Poppy Boutique
Online: Magnolia Boutique
Children’s: Little Frogs and Fairies
Mobile: HG’s Closet
Overall: Bad Habit Boutique
Storefront: The Cutting Edge
Online: Bad Habit Boutique
Children’s: Sugar-N-Spice
Overall: Ranchin’ Misfits
Storefront: High Call Outfitters
Online: Ranchin’ Misfits
Children’s: Sweet Tea & Caviar Boutique
Mobile: Dirtroad Darlin Boutique
Overall: The Pink Lily Boutique
Storefront: Morgan’s on Main
Online: The Pink Lily Boutique
Children’s: Tree Climbers Boutique
Mobile: K P Styles Boutique
Overall: The Frilly Magnolia
Storefront: The Frilly Magnolia
Online: Duck & Dressing
Children’s: Britches & Bows
Overall: The Lace Vixen Boutique
Overall: CJKollective Boutique
Storefront: The G Shop
Online: The Pink Silhouette
Mobile: TNT Unique Designs
Overall: Little Anchor Boutique
Online: Little Anchor Boutique
Children’s: Trendy Tots
Mobile: Mermaids on Cape Cod
Overall: Bellawoods
Storefront: Sweetlees Boutique
Online: Bellawoods
Children’s: Sweet Peach Children’s Boutique
Mobile: Cowgirl Dreams Co.
Overall: Laney Lu’s Boutique
Storefront: urban escape
Online: Fallon Ave Boutique
Children’s: Little Darlings Children’s Boutique
Mobile: Whatnot Boutique
Overall: Apple’s LTD
Storefront: Fly Boutique
Online: Mad Mary’s Boutique
Children’s: Sugar and Spice Children’s Apparel
Mobile: Uptown Ellie Boutique
Overall: Laura Belle Boutique
Storefront: The Giving Tree Boutique
Online: Southern Sins Boutique
Children’s: Laura Belle Boutique
Mobile: Moonshine and Lace Boutique
Overall: Twisted Bliss Boutique
Storefront: Twisted Bliss Boutique
Online: Boutique 406
Mobile: Gumbo Lillies
Overall: Lilee Louise Boutique
Storefront: Lilee Louise Boutique
Online: Hissy Fit Boutique
Children’s: Suite Child
Mobile: JDeans Gallery
Overall: Buckaroo Boutique
Online: Buckaroo Boutique
Children’s: Stork
New Hampshire
Overall: Alexandrea Clothing
New Jersey
Overall: Tehen Women’s Clothing & Shoes
Storefront: Tehen Women’s Clothing & Shoes
Online: Topaz & Seven
Children’s: Sarah’s Kiddles
New Mexico
Overall: The Dyed Poppy Boutique
Storefront: CowBelle
Online: The Cinchy Cowgirl
Children’s: Miss and Mr. Children’s Boutique
Mobile: The Dyed Poppy Boutique
New York
Overall: Bella V. Boutique
Storefront: Bella V. Boutique
Online: Linsey Lane Boutique
Children’s: Pink Olive
North Carolina
Overall: Kaley Jase Boutique
Storefront: Taylor’d To You Boutique
Online:  Kaley Jase Boutique
Children’s: Curlz and Dots
Mobile: Lady B’s Boutique
North Dakota
Overall: Branded Envy
Storefront: Lillians Boutique
Online: Cobalt Closet
Children’s: Tinee & Trendy
Overall: Soul Revival Boutique
Storefront: Clothes Minded Boutique
Online: Soul Revival Boutique
Children’s: Joceytiny
Mobile: Local Love Roaming Boutique
Overall: Okie Aussie Boutique
Storefront: Pistols and Pearls
Online: Okie Aussie Boutique
Children’s: B Hip Kids
Mobile: The Rustic Ranch
Overall: Enclothe
Storefront: Rachelle M Rustic House of Fashion
Online: Enclothe
Children’s: Sunny Patch Boutique
Overall: Love Obsessed
Storefront: Love Obsessed
Online: Boutique in a Box
Children’s: The Cabbage Patch
Mobile: Snatched Fashion Truck
Rhode Island
Overall: Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique
Storefront: Frog and Toad
Online: Gossip Boutique
Mobile: Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique
South Carolina
Overall: Sweet Southern Sassyfrass
Storefront: Girls Go There
Online: Just a Small Town Girl
Children’s: It’s a Girl Thing Tween Boutique
Mobile: Sweet Southern Sassyfrass
South Dakota
Overall: Filly Flair
Storefront: Beautique Boutique
Online: Filly Flair
Children’s: Bundle of Joy Maternity and Baby Boutique
Mobile: The Paisley Pod
Overall: The Wooden Hanger
Storefront: The Wooden Hanger
Online: Eleven Oaks Boutique
Children’s: magpies
Overall: The Lace Cactus
Storefront: Gypsy Pearl TX
Online: The Lace Cactus
Children’s: Knuckleheads N Prissy Tails Boutique
Mobile: Burnt Lace Boutique
Overall: Jourdan’s Jewels
Storefront: My Sister’s Closet
Online: Jane Avenue
Children’s: Sparkle in Pink
Overall: Peanut and Mouse
Overall: Sassy Jones Boutique
Storefront: Moss & Vine Boutique
Online: Sassy Jones Boutique
Children’s: Ginger Snaps, A Children’s Boutique
Mobile: Oh Just Us Girls
Overall: Saddles and Lace
Storefront: Lay z Rose Boutique
Online: Saddles and Lace
Children’s: The Ruffled Cupcake
West Virginia
Overall: Latch Boutique
Storefront: Latch Boutique
Children’s: Bullfrogs and Butterflies
Mobile: Fernweh Boutique
Overall: Ana Blair’s Boutique
Storefront: Ana Blair’s Boutique
Online: Jazzy Rae Jewels
Children’s: Cruisin Kids
Overall: Tin Wagon Boutique
Storefront: Tin Wagon Boutique
Online: Top Shelf Western
Overall: Klou
Storefront: Klou
Online: Birdsnest
Children’s: The Infant Boutique
Overall: Twisted Label
Storefront: Twisted Label
Online: The Pink Porcupine
Children’s: Coco and Kabri
Mobile: Out of the Blue Mobile Boutique
United Kingdom
Overall: boutique in a bus
Storefront: Elif Kose
Online: Colmers Hill Fashion
Children’s: Be Belle Boutique
Mobile: boutique in a bus
Congratulations again to a fabulous set of boutiques!

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