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The Boutique Hub | Hurricane Harvey Support

Our entire boutique family at The Boutique Hub is coming together to support our #BoutiqueBoss sisters in South Texas who have lost homes, businesses, property, or have staff and/or family who have also been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  

Already, we have gathered numerous apparel brands, boutique owners, and the general public who have raised their hand to support these victims. If you would like to join our efforts, here’s how, in order of importance.

This blog post will be updated daily to include new any new information, sales, etc. If you’d like to be included, please email our Content Manager, Jessie. If we have incorrectly listed any kind of information, we apologize.

More than anything, cash or gift cards are the items that victims need most. Cash helps supply meals, hotels, travel, living items, cleanup, etc. You can directly donate to this fund set up by The Boutique Hub. ALL PROCEEDS are donated directly to families in need. Please write “Hurricane Harvey Donation” in the Notes section when donating.

Numerous boutiques in our community are setting up sales with proceeds to benefit these victims. If you’re a shopper, please support the following boutique sale events (these boutiques are donating to charities of their own personal choice):

For fellow boutique owners, custom graphic tees and other items have been created for you to sell in your stores. Please see the list below and find wholesale information directly inside of The Boutique Hub’s Facebook Groups on how to order. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, THESE ITEMS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR BOUTIQUES, AT WHOLESALE:

*If you’re a boutique or brand who would like to donate inventory to south Texas boutiques, AFTER normal life is able to resume for these businesses, please contact Jessica Dawn Roberts, at Cheekys.

Deliver any of the following donation items directly to drop off points listed below. We have designated ‘runners’ aka fellow boutique owners willing to deliver as needed!

Supply Drop  & Distribution Points:
Giddy Up Glamor Boutique
41 Akridge Drive
Huntsville, TX 77320

The River Gypsy Boutique
105 Gallaher St.
Three Rivers, TX 78071

The Lace Cactus
102 West Lamar St.
Hico, TX 76457

415 N Main St
Taylor, Tx

Grace Ann Polasek
14656 Sweetwater Creek Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78410

Kelly Enriquez
7303 Spring Cypress Rd Apt 1316
Spring, TX 77379

Kiki LaRue Headquarters
4000 Haslet Roanoke Rd.
Roanoke, TX 76262

Mr. Rooter Plumbing
736-B Albertson Pkwy
Broussard, Louisiana 70518

Owen & Ceme Boutique
13 E. Decherd Street
Franklin, Texas 77856

Hang It Up Boutique
18417 HWY 105 W, STE 1
Montgomery, TX 77356

Sassy D Boutique
3536 Woods Estates Dr.
Conroe, TX 77304

Avenue J
8220 Louetta Rd, Suite 140,
Spring, TX 77388

Items Needed
For Families:
Clean socks, all sizes
Baby Formula
Children’s Clothing, Toys (limited)
Kid’s Bikes & outdoor toys (limited)
Paper Towels
Cleaning Supplies
Rubber Gloves
Shovels, Brooms, Equipment for Clean Up
Paper plates, utensils, garbage bags, etc.
Coffee Pots, kitchen supplies
Shop Vacs
Room Fans (box or oscillating style)
Face masks
Candles, air freshener
Non-perishable food items
Bug Spray, Ant Poison
Gift Cards for Walmart, Target, HEB, etc.
Towels, Washcloths, Rugs
Dog Food, Cat Food
Dog Toys, Bed, etc.

For Boutiques:
Poly Mailers
Office Supplies (tape, printer paper, etc.)

Finally, if you know someone in need, please pass along their information to us directly, by filling out this form, so we can add them to our care list.  They may also benefit from reading the following tips shared by a fellow boutique owner flood veteran.

What to do when your house floods: (based on my experience in 2009, 2015 and 2016).

  1. Ensure physical safety – everything else can be replaced – you can’t.
  2. You are in a marathon now, not a sprint – everything will take much, much longer than you want it to. You will be dealing with the federal government (national flood) and they move at their own pace.
  3. Take pictures – lots of pictures. Establish how high the water was inside and outside of your house. You need to prove how deep the water was as part of your flood claim. Use a yardstick or ruler on the outside of your house to establish the high water mark.
  4. File your claim immediately – get in line for adjusters, etc.
  5. Flood insurance will not reimburse you for loss of use, so any hotel or lodging expenses will be out of pocket.
  6. Save all receipts – all of them.
  7. Order a POD or storage container as they will sell out fast.
  8. As soon as the water recedes, start mitigating the damage. Shop vac out what water you can, remove the wet carpets, remove the baseboards and start removing wet sheetrock. Cut a line about 2 feet up the wall. The straighter you cut, the easier the rebuild will be. Bag debris/insulation etc and take it outside. Save a square of ruined carpet and ruined carpet pad for the insurance to verify replacement value – if you have multiple carpets, save multiple samples. – Your goal is to get anything wet out of your house so it can begin to dry. Don’t worry about removing glue down hardwoods, let the contractor handle that during the rebuild
  9. Take pictures of any damage you see, wet sheetrock, wet carpet, wet furniture, anything you want to claim – document. For contents, document individual items – each shirt, book, etc needs to be enumerated and documented for the claim – if you say 20 books on your claim, you need a photograph where 20 books can be individually accounted for – be exact and over detailed.
  10. We are expecting more rain so don’t put flood debris where it can float away, block a drain and cause more trouble.
  11. Be very careful about hiring “the experts” companies will bring in fans, etc and eat up a lot of your claim check by “drying” your house – once the walls are open, the studs will dry in time. Every dime you spend renting expensive blowers is money you can’t use towards granite countertops or tile upgrades when you rebuild. Fans, your air conditioner a dehumidifier from Home Depot will do the job. You can spray the studs with bleach as they dry out. We saved $10K each claim by doing the work ourselves in our three floods.
  12. Be careful hiring contractors – ask for multiple references, ensure they use sub-contractors they know – they will be busy and be prepared to wait.
  13. Plastic storage tubs work better than cardboard boxes for storage of your undamaged stuff.
  14. Be nice to the adjustor – he or she will be valuing your loss and establishing the rebuild – every dollar counts, so be a pleasant memory for the adjustor, rather than “that” person.
  15. No matter who your insurance company is, all flood claims go through the federal government, all money comes through FEMA, so the time between the adjustor visiting your house and you getting money takes weeks/months – be patient – it is challenging and horrible waiting, but you are dealing with the government and all the other claims that are in flight as well.
  16. Your first estimate will likely be less than you expect, so work with your contractor to file a supplement for things that were missed. Be wary of working with 3rd party arbitrators as they will take a percentage of your total claim, not just any extra they get you in the supplement.
  17. Accept help when offered and be specific – if someone asks “what can I do?” tell them something specific – I need candles, contractor bags, sandwiches – be grateful of those that reach out and be honest with what you need.
  18. You will get through this, it is a struggle, but you will get through it. Lean on your faith, your friends, and family.

For those of you who wish to donate in any way that is not listed above, please fill out this Typeform.

For our boutique and brand owners who may be impacted by Hurricane Harvey, please fill out our Typeform, so we can help you with any assistance. Don’t be modest, The Boutique Hub community wants to help you in a time of loss! Feel free to share with other victims you know!


Never grow alone. Join the community that gets it.

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