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The Boutique Hot List | April

It’s Boutique Hot List time!

We hope you’re as excited as you were last month…our inaugural edition, the March Boutique Hot List had so many views that all the traffic broke our website for a small duration of time.  Don’t mess with women who love boutiques! 

As we always say, Boutiques are the lifeblood of cities around the world, cities of all sizes and locations. Owned and operated by stylish dreamers and entrepreneurs, these quaint shops thrive on helping others look and feel their best, with a personal touch that makes shopping an experience rather than a hunt.

With the world-wide crash in big box retail, we are confident to say that there is a greater-than-ever surge in the boutique marketplace, where shoppers like you and I long for the experience, the personalization, and style support that only boutiques can offer.

That’s what The Hub, and The Hot List are all about…

We’ve spent the past few weeks scrolling Instagram…over 7,000 worldwide Instagram accounts to be exact…narrowing down the “Best of the Best” fashions for the month ahead!

Here’s what you can find in April’s list:

  • Pieces we love for women, tweens, children and even a few babies pulled from boutiques of all types worldwide.
  • Just over 110 pieces we loved from 7,000+ accounts including apparel, shoes & accessories.
  • Styles to fit any ‘personal style preference’ – mainstream contemporary, coastal, western, Australian, boho, curvy and more.
  • BIG trends in embroidery, two piece sets, bibs, stripes, open shoulders, mixed swimwear sets, hats, vintage tee’s, and roses.

So find a comfy chair, and get that credit card ready, because we can almost guarantee you’re about to fall in love with the April’s most fabulous pieces!  Be sure to let us know which ones you like best below!

That’s all she wrote, folks! Which April Boutique Hot List look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Make sure you share the Boutique Hot List on Facebook and save it for all those days where you need a little retail therapy!

Oh, and a little FYI…Our May Boutique Hot List launches the first of next month so keep your fashionista eyes peeled!

In the meantime, — find a boutique either near you, or by your own style preference, right here on The Boutique Hub.  We are the go-to Hub to find fashion that fits you best!  Shop the site, or get on the list girl, we’ll send you the latest styles, discoveries and boutique deals as we find them!

Hero image and April Boutique Hot List image photo credit: The extra fabulous @thegypsywagon

Cheers ladies,

The Boutique Hub Team


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