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10 Hiring Tips for Growing Your Business

Are you ready to hire? Here at The Boutique Hub we often say, “do what you do best and hire out the rest!” So how do you know if you are ready to hire someone and what steps do you take to do so? Use these quick 10 hiring tips on how to hire your next employee.

10 Hiring Tips for Growing Your Business

1. Know what position you are looking for, sales, social media, etc. make a list of what will help you most and what areas can be delegated. Get the right people on the bus, willing to work and learn, the seats (roles) on the bus an always change. 

2. Post the job! There are several places to get your reach out there, promote it on your social channels, Facebook Marketplace and at job sites. Sometimes customers make great team members. 

3. Be descriptive in what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to list what you will be needing from the hire. Post hours and perks so there’s clarification for the position. Make it clear what you don’t want to. When you target everyone, you reach no one. 

4. Know what type of personality you are looking for, whether it is a leader, initiator, or goal orientator. Have a plan set up for the personality of the hire and where their skills are best suited.  What does your company culture need? 

5. Make sure your store policy and employee handbook are both in place. You want to be able to communicate the expectations of the position and have a clear understanding.

6. Update your onboarding process so every employee goes through the same process. Be sure to include any agreements, documents, and payroll information together in a packet for easy reference. Use a checklist or create an SOP so you can keep it all in order. 

7. Have your hiring area clean and free from distraction. Bring a pen and notebook to take down notes about what you have discussed.  Not only will you get a first impression at an interview, but they’ll also get one of you too! 

8. Have a training system in place so once the onboarding is complete, your new employee can begin the steps to enter their position. Most employee issues go back to unclear expectations and training. 

9. Document your new employee’s actions, the great and the ugly, so you have a consistent track for future meetings and evaluations. Keep an accurate employee file.  Should something go wrong, you’ll need it. 

10. Hold weekly meetings so your entire team can be on the same page to communicate, set goals and track progress. This has to be consistent, if it’s important to you, it will be to them too.  Every good coach holds practices.

Once your new hire is comfortable and progressing toward becoming a great employee, give them some greater tasks outside the basics just to see their skill level. For example, have them create a graphic for social media, have them make important phone calls to a specific vendor, or even give your website an audit. You may be surprised at how this new employee responds and discovers skills that can take action items off of your plate.

If the hiring process still seems a bit overwhelming, don’t fret, we have a hiring bundle that will answer all your questions and gives you the exact steps you need from hiring to firing, and all the downloads to go with it. 

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