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2017 Best of the West: Top 20 Western Boutiques

If you are a connoisseur of western fashion, then as December draws near, you are likely scouring the internet and local boutiques for the perfect outfits to make your style statement at the largest western event in the U.S., the Super Bowl of rodeo, the National Finals Rodeo (NFR).  

The truth of the matter is, western fashion is constantly on its A-Game, long before WNFR outfits are a thought in any woman’s mind. These boutiques are constantly bringing in new arrivals, and are known for spotting the hottest trends long before they are ever the least bit popular in mainstream fashion.

Each year, we break down the best places to shop for the perfect western looks, but this year we took it to the next level. We invited 40 of western fashion’s most popular fashionistas to nominate and vote on this year’s Best of the West Boutiques. With almost 100 boutiques nominated and two voting rounds later, our favorite fashionistas narrowed it down to an international list of 20 awesome western stores!

The competition is fierce, so we know you will find the perfect statement pieces at these shops. Here are your 2017 Best of the West Boutiques, listed A-Z!

Best of The West Top 20

Cody and Sioux | The Boutique HubCody and Sioux
Cody & Sioux is a destination shop based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, featuring the cutting edge of mainstream Modern West clothing, as well as a curated selection of work from leather artisans and silversmiths, alike. At the helm of Cody & Sioux are Ingrid Schulz and her daughter, Alex Callaghan, who invite their shoppers to “embrace their own style of the West”!

Coulee Creek | The Boutique Hub*Coulee Creek
Hailing from North Dakota, Melanie Luger, owner of Coulee Creek, focuses on carrying signature high-end western fashion and accessories ranging from everyday pieces to looks that will be a mainstay in your closet for years to come. Coulee Creek knows firsthand how to intermix the stunning, historical pieces of Native American fashion with the romance and beauty of the American Cowboy.

West Desperado | Feathers N Fringe | The Boutique HubFeathers N Fringe
Feathers N Fringe is a Florida-based boutique, owned by Marni Wintermute, is known by fashionistas for bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “western glam”. Feathers N Fringe carries apparel, accessories, and footwear, all of which will allow you to create an outfit that is perfect for your local rodeo, or a night out downtown! Photo Credit: West Desperado

Frosted Cowgirls | The Boutique Hub*Frosted Cowgirls
Frosted Cowgirls boutique is an Idaho-based mobile boutique, known for offering western fashion for all ages, budgets, and styles. This boutique truly is a family business, where owners Cody and Rikki Ruiz share equal responsibilities—with Rikki running the boutique side of things, while Cody specializes in Cody’s Cowboy Hats, a company that has quickly turned into the Northwest’s premier cowboy hat retailer.

Gypsy Pearl | The Boutique Hub*Gypsy Pearl
Gypsy Pearl is trendy Texas boutique that carries the latest western and mainstream styles, including a huge selection of sequins, fringe, suede and velvet; all of which can be found in their storefront (Andrews, TX), and on their website. Courtney Mitchell and Carly O’Bannon are the dynamic-duo behind Gypsy Pearl, and are just as stylish and charismatic as the pieces they offer!

Hazel's Fashion Wagon | The Boutique Hub*Hazel’s Fashion Wagon
Darcy Good is one chic cowgirl, and her Oklahoma-based online boutique is a direct representation of her own personal style. Carrying brands such as Liberty Black, Charlie 1 Horse, and Ryan Michael, along with unique accessories that are sure to catch the eye of any fashionista, Hazel’s Fashion Wagon is a must for any shopper!

Hippie Alice | The Boutique HubHippie Alice
Hippie Alice is an “unapologetically unique, one-stop shop for apparel accessories that caters to the urban cowgirl, bohemian hippie, and comfy t-shirt lover“. Owner Bridget Meyer has turned Hippie Alice into a favorite place for all fashionistas to shop–a boutique that is widely known for its fully stocked and ready to shop Airstream trailer that frequents different rodeos and events across Texas.

Lazy J Ranchwear | The Boutique HubLazy J Ranchwear
Lazy J Ranchwear is a popular western boutique with two Texas-based storefronts and a booming online presence. Known for their retro-style logo featuring a Hereford bull hip-branded with a Lazy J, this western wear store carries men’s and women’s apparel brands such as Old Gringo, True Religion, Anderson Bean and Ariat—proving they can cater to modern-dressed ladies and classic cowboys, alike.

Lil Bee's Bohemian | The Boutique HubLil Bee’s Bohemian
This Florida-based online boutique offers an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, and footwear, and was recently voted as the 2017 Florida Boutique of the Year. Lil Bee’s Bohemian’s owner, Kelli Pope, focuses on bringing in inventory that represents her own unique look, perfect for any woman who considers their personal style to be a little bit bohemian, a little bit western, a little bit island, or all of the above.

Maverick Fine Western Wear | The Boutique HubMaverick Western Wear
Established in 1987, Maverick Fine Western Wear carries a wide variety of products that enhance the western lifestyle and feature the top brands in men and women’s apparel, accessories, footwear, and leather goods. Fashionistas of all ages flock to this storefront, located in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, knowing that they are bound to come out with something that will stay in their closet as a staple piece for years to come.

Nobody's Girl | The Boutique HubNobody’s Girl Boutique
Nobody’s Girl Boutique might be a small town Washington-based boutique, but their southern meets northwest trending style makes them loved by fashionable ladies far and wide. Owners Kim Kammenzind and Barbara Brown deliver clothing and accessories via a mobile showroom, helping shoppers handpick their outfits and creating a shopping experience like none other on the market.

Redford Ranch Style | The Boutique Hub*Redford Ranch Style
Missy Redford, the owner of Redford Ranch Style, is a style icon of many and has been in the boutique business for more than a decade, proving she knows a thing or two about western fashion. Redford Ranch Style specializes in their own line of Cracker Jack Gal’s graphic tees and produces an assortment of handmade turquoise jewelry and well-known turquoise slab buckles.  

Retro West | The Boutique Hub*Retro West
Retro West is a Louisiana-based boutique that offers hand-selected western couture pieces, authentic turquoise jewelry, and a generous selection of hand-crafted leather goods. Owner Taylor Brown has an eclectic, wanderlust personal style, and is known for incorporating those types of pieces into Retro West’s line of inventory.

Savannah 7s Western Chic | The Boutique Hub*Savannah Sevens Western Chic
“Bold, rugged and beautifully feminine” are the words that owner Ryley Wimer uses to describe Savannah Sevens Western Chic, and we wholeheartedly agree with that portrayal. Carrying women’s, men’s and baby apparel, along with a gorgeous assortment of handbags and accessories, it is easy to see why Ryley’s well-known boutique was widely selected by western fashion’s “It-Girls”, all of whom commonly rock pieces from this stylish boutique.

The Rollin J | The Boutique Hub*The Rollin J
This Phillipsburg, Kansas storefront features a little bit of everything, including women’s apparel, accessories, kids clothing, and home décor. The Rollin J’s owner, Shelly Jo Jarvis, vows to only carry quality pieces and brands she can see herself wearing, and manages to maintain a wide variety of inventory that appeals to shoppers who frequent her storefront, as well as those who shop her website and Instagram.

The Rusty Rose | The Boutique HubThe Rusty Rose
The Rusty Rose is a Plainview, Texas boutique, where owner Andrea Glenn focuses on bringing in unique pieces that speak to her own personal love of western fashion, mixed in with tailored, preppy styles and boho, chic vibes. The Rusty Rose’s wide-ranging collection of styles are able to entice shoppers of all ages and fashion interests, illustrating that a single shop can easily provide an affordable little something for everyone.

The Sparkling Spur | The Boutique HubThe Sparkling Spur
When one thinks of a classic western boutique, one could very well be envisioning The Sparkling Spur and its classic western apparel, led by the tagline, “legendary tradition, reborn”. Appealing to women of all ages and budgets, this North Dakota based boutique is known for carrying staple pieces from brands such as Double D Ranchwear, Tasha Polizzi, and a fine selection of authentic Native American jewelry.

Tin Rose Boutique | The Boutique Hub*Tin Rose Boutique
Catering to women of every style, Tin Rose Boutique is a Burleson, Texas boutique that is known for its wide-ranging inventory, all of which are full of style and class. Carrying brands like Double D Ranchwear, Free People, Ivy Jane, and Johnny Was, it is plain to see why Tin Rose Boutique’s storefront and website both appeal to those with a personal style that is as equally bohemian as it is western.

Wild Bleu | The Boutique Hub*Wild Bleu
If you visit Wild Bleu, either online or in their Clarksville, Texas store, you will quickly realize that their owner, Tierney Perkins, has thought of absolutely everything. From the personalized messages sprinkled with a southern twang, to the gorgeous inventory and unique name for each item, shopping this well-known boutique makes for a one-of-a-kind experience you will want to come back to time and time again.

Woolies | The Boutique HubWoolies Quality Clothier
Woolies Quality Clothier is a mobile and online retailer, based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, known for inventory that is “inspired from an eclectic range of fashions, ranging from pieces you would see on a working ranch, to the streets of a major city”. Owner Alisha Kurtz is a well-practiced horsewoman, which is why her store’s inventory so seamlessly blends the lines of fashion and function.

We’re a big fan of all of these boutiques, and can’t wait to start shopping them! We’d like to take a minute to congratulate our winners, and to send big thanks to our fabulous fashionista voters:
Andrea Thorp, Aya Reimer, Bobbie Tryan, Brianna Bigbee, Brooklyn McIntosh, Cara Miller, Danielle Keighley, Denae Schertz, Geena Marcuzzo, Halley Preece, Hannah Ferguson, Hannah Hogner, Hannah Malson, Janzen Jackson, Jena Knowles, Jordan Rankin, Kadee Coffman, Kathryn Barkey, Keenie Word, Marianne Easter, Meghan Gates, Mkenzee Renae, Sara Lynlee Madrid, Shaina Clifford, Shaley Ham, Shanna Means, Shondina Lee, Sierra Rae Lewis, Sterling Coomer, Traci Wallace, and Whitney Benton.

Hero Image Photo Credit: Savannah Sevens Western Chic
*Denotes a boutique who was also recognized as a 2016 Best of the West Boutique.


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