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4 Things Your Instagram Bio Must Have

Your Instagram bio has more importance than you may think. It’s a user’s first impression of you and your first chance at drawing them in. That simple 150 characters could be the difference between a sale or no sale. That being said, let’s go over 4 things your Instagram bio MUST have!

Having the basics covered and established is essential overall Instagram success and if you’re struggling with getting the momentum going on the platform – it’s best to start here to change that. 

Your BIO

We cannot express enough how important having a solid, catchy, and rememberable bio is. You have nano-seconds to catch that new person’s attention the moment they fit your feed.  NANO-SECONDS.

  • Your Bio needs to be CLEAR & easy to READ. A jumbled paragraph will be quickly skipped over. If you can’t catch their attention here, chances are your feed won’t hold them either and they have already hit the back button and scrolled off. HOLD THEM!!
  • Line Breaks need to less than 4 lines long. We shared a few weeks back about how Instagram added a See More … addition if your bio was longer than 4 lines.
  • Put your bios in the notes section of your phone. There you can set it up and add in the line breaks. They will transfer over once you paste them into Instagram.
  • Keep it short & sweet but IMPACTFUL.
  • Keep your name out! Your name is already included so your bio so don’t waste the characters.

How to Set Up Your Instagram Bio


THE MOST IMPORTANT: Exactly who you are or the service you provide & WHO you are serving.

Example: Let’s say you are a contemporary/casual boutique that carries a lot of everyday, on-the-go styles for the mom demographic. Your first line could be something like: Carefree Casual Clothes for the Busy Mom

We answered who we are & who we serve in one sentence. That sets a clearly defined line of what to expect from your Instagram and that helps entice those who want to follow you.

Notice we didn’t include boutique (that’s probably in your name or handle) – no need here. Saying that you carry clothes implies you are a retail store.

If you are struggling with what wording to use, brainstorm it. should be your best friend! Aim to really nail that first line.

Second Line

Something that sets you APART from the other 25+ Million Business accounts on the platform. What is unique to your store that doesn’t involve prices or shipping? You want to include that here. So  ….

  • Do you offer inclusive sizing? S-3XL?
  • Feature Made in the USA or ethicality made/fair trade items
  • Family owned? Husband & Wife Team? Mom/Daughter?
  • Been in Business since XX (great if greater than 3+ years – shows longevity and that your established!)
  • Award you’ve won? Best Boutique in State?
  • Or if none of these unique qualities ring true, find one that does. BE UNIQUE, stand out!
4 Things Your Instagram Bio Must-Have

Third Line

$$$$$ Show Me The Money! Here is where you can drop more unique qualities about your store that do have to do with your pricing/shipping and any incentive you have for your Instagram followers! Here are some examples:

  • Free & Fast Shipping over $50
  • Download our APP & SAVE – with Code (keep the code extra SHORT! Like IG10)
  • First Order – Save 10% – with this code
  • Or if you don’t want/have any of those the 3rd line is also a great place to drop your branded #hashtag!

Fourth Line

CALL TO ACTION TO SHOP, your link which will be below! They showed up, and now we have to tell them exactly where we want them to go after they have checked out our feed. Getting them to your website from INSTAGRAM should be your #1 goal.  Here are some examples:

  • Shop Small Here with a down arrow
  • Fill your cart up here with a down arrow
  • Your Husband Said it was Ok with a down arrow

Get creative!!

Resources :  

Small Business Marketing Bundle:

  • Boutique Specific Monthly Buying Guide
  • Monthly Clothing/Item Collection Ideas
  • 100+ Monthly Event & Marketing Ideas
  • 365 Unique Daily Content Ideas
  • 360 Monthly Engagement Question Prompts
  • 1,000+ Daily Fun, Silly and Creative Holidays

31 days of fresh content to cycle through daily every month.

Mix these around and do them in an order that works for your store. Keeping your content current and a nice mixture of sale, engagement, and brand awareness posts is essential in growing your business and social media accounts.

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