How To Rock Video For Your Boutique

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5 Ways to Rock Video for Your Boutique

Reaching your followers on Facebook, or any social media channel for that matter, has become more of a moving target these days. In the world of fast algorithm changes and an ever-declining reach, retail businesses have to carefully craft content to successfully reach their market.
The ol’ ‘Check out our newest arrival, available in S, M, L for $42’ is great for a boosted post, but to organically reach people in a new way, video is taking over as the most effective organic content medium.

Does video need to be your main content medium? Absolutely not.  But, using video as a supplement to your routine content strategy can help get your message out without having to pay the social media gatekeeper.

An added bonus, rather than Facebook giving you an estimated reach for your video post, they give you an actual number of views.

Here are a few ways you can use video to enhance your social media strategy…

1.  Teach your followers something. What are 4 ways you can wear a scarf? How many ways can you dress up a denim top or jacket? How can you pull staple pieces out of your closet and enhance them with a few pops of style?

2. Showcase fit. Seeing a photo of a new arrival hanging off of a plastic hanger just isn’t cutting it. As a shopper, I want to know how items fit and move. Clear video of a model or customer wearing an outfit and moving around in it is the ideal way to show how clothes really look and fit (and without Photoshop I might add!)

3. Relate to your followers.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a great example of how many brands became human and earned a ton of respect in the process. Have fun with your videos, give shoppers an inspiring message, challenge them to do something, or introduce us to your team of stylists and staff.

4. Take us on a tour.  Part of the allure of social media is that it humanizes brands and gives shoppers behind-the-scenes access that they would never have had before.  Showcase a day in the life of a boutique owner, show us your digs, and give us a sneak peek at those new arrivals that haven’t gone live yet.

5. Give us a front row seat. Do you participate in any events, fashion shows, open houses, or community events? Even if your shoppers are across the country, include them in the action. Give us tidbits of video to help us feel like we were right there with ya!

Give it a shot – try using Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube or Google+!

Want more?

Check out these great examples of brands using video effectively.

The Red Dress Boutique, showcasing new arrivals –

Lulu Lane, having time lapse photography fun –

Southern Jewlz, showing how to wear a blanket scarf –

Ranch Dressn, new arrival flip-through to music –

Blue Door Boutique, 1 million fans celebration –

Ribbon Chix Boutique, having fun on National Fun Day at Work –

MaCandis Boutique, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge –

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