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Episode #208- 5 Essentials For Your Website with Angela Froschl, Hot Mess Consulting

5 Essentials For Your Boutique Website

Episode #208: Is your e-commerce site maximizing these 5 essentials for your website? Today on the show we are joined by Hot Mess Consulting Founder, Angela Froschl. She brings incredible insight as a boutique owner, website designer, Shopify, and branding expert.  Her heart for helping boutique owners shines through as she shares a wealth of knowledge in how to craft a website experience that speaks to your customers, and drives success for your boutique.

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Boutique Finances

3 Key Points:

1.     Diving into the most applicable data on your website is key to where to spend your time. Data knows.

2.    Most successful clients are the ones that really take ownership of their business.

3.    Your wildest dreams are possible AND yes you can also have it all.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Never give up on what it is you really want.  Don’t settle for what you have right now if what you really want is more than that.” – Angela Froschl.
  • “What do you do best, and keep doing that.  What do you maybe not do the best and can you outsource.” – Angela Froschl
  • “Take everything I say with a grain of salt, and everything everybody says with a grain of salt, because you know your business best.” – Angela Froschl

Resources Mentioned:

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Original Air Date: April 16, 2019
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