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Why Story Matters: Learn from an icon who has helped build multiple iconic western brands. With Keith Mundee, President of American Hat Company | Boutique Chat Podcast

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Episode #11: Why Story Matters: Learn from an icon who has helped build multiple iconic western brands. With Keith Mundee, President of American Hat Company

Keith Mundee is an icon in the western apparel industry, not only for the brands he has helped to build but for the man that he is. Once you meet Keith, you’ll have an instant connection and appreciation for his view of the apparel industry and how serving is the art of the deal in selling.

In today’s episode, hear how Keith built some of the most recognized brands in western, his tips for retailers today, why projecting your personal money story on a potential customer is bad for business, and where our industry is headed.  

Keith works alongside another well known, and appreciated icon in western, Keith Maddox, the owner of American Hat Company who also notes the importance of building a leadership team.  From his days at Cinch, Cruel Girl, and all Miller Brands, to his time in the Fireplace industry, Keith’s business background is one we all can learn from.

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Keith Mundee, American Hats | The Boutique HubABOUT KEITH
Keith Mundee is the President of the American Hat Company, and a 20 year veteran of the Western Apparel Business. Formerly, the President at Miller International, where he built his career after starting as a Sales Rep. Before the Western Industry became Keith’s mainstay, he was the owner of Western Fireplace Distributors in Southern California, the largest specialty subcontractor in the US, with annual sales of over 22 million. After selling the business in 1994 and moving to Idaho. Today, with two grown daughters, and four grandchildren, Keith has been married to Terri Mundee for the past 35 years.


  • Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet.
  • The right products don’t cost you money.
  • Attract the kids & young adults to your brand.
  • Social media gives people a chance to sample your brand.
  • The first thing to sell is you, then the company, then the product.
  • Show your customers why your products are worth the money.

04:50 – Keith’s Background
12:18 – Where to start building your brand
17:00 – The difference in interruption & permission advertising.
22:00 – “I will not sell on social media”
25:00 – How to stay in your own lane.
29:30 – Innovate or die. A look at Toys-R-Us.
33:15 – Building a cowboy hat for President Trump.
35:00 – What do the most successful retailers have in common?
45:20 – Training sales staff & doing business on a handshake.
54:20 – How to get a mentor.

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Original Air Date: April 17, 2018
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