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Episode #16: How to Innovate in a Crowded Market, with Grayson DiFonzo, Founder Buddy Love Clothing

Creating your own clothing line isn’t for the faint of heart. BuddyLove founder Grayson DiFonzo has worked in fashion for years and even owned her own showroom repping other brands at Dallas Market Center before she ventured into designing. Developed out of a need to bring a unique taste to the boutique industry, she saw a need and filled it.

It takes an eye for fashion, style, fit, and body types for a clothing line to be successful. As well as loyal retailers, copyright knowledge, and a grounded idea of what your customers want.

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Being raised in a small town in Texas, Grayson always knew she wanted to go out and see the world. She loved to travel and always had a passion for the fashion industry, so she decided to combine the two early on in her career. She did styling and PR internships for Nicole Miller in NYC before heading to London. There, she worked for Charles Jourdan and Kurt Geiger.

Making people look good and feel good is her passion and she always believed that the right ensemble could do that. She realized a real lack of contemporary collections and started the brand named after her husband, BuddyLove.


  • Before you start your business, learn as much as you can. Work for other people.
  • Creating your own line? Get ready for a new set of responsibilities.
  • Relationships = Loyalty.  
  • Copywriting is harder than it seems.
  • Give your customers what they want.
  • Make your brand relatable.
  • You have to be obsessed with fit, style, and body type to have a successful brand.

09:00 – Before BuddyLove
13:50 – Making the decision to design.
20:20 – The importance of attending markets.
25:00 – Less is sometimes more.
33:20 – Grayson’s go-to marketing platform.
37:20 – The trail to a new customer and the future of wholesale.
40:40 – About Grayson
48:00 – Work mom balance.

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Original Air Date: May 22, 2018
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