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Episode #18: Are you a Clothes Flipper or a Brand Builder? The Art of Being Authentic with Ali Dee.

This episode covers almost everything because our guest Ali Dee dabbles in a little bit of everything. From fashion influencers, Instagram, and working for Mark Cuban to attending the market, the flooding of graphic tees, and dealing with copycats to customer service, pricing, and why brands and boutiques need to work together. Oh, and the fabulousness that is Reba McEntire.

Get your pencil ready whether you’re a brand owner, boutique owner, service provider, or just a fan of Ali Dee.

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Texas country singer, songwriter, guitarist, television host, and on-screen personality, Ali Dee is used to wearing a lot of different hats as her career in the entertainment industry multi-blossomed seemingly everywhere at once.

Concurrently, she became a regular television presence as a TV and arena host for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, as part of the broadcast team for Fox Sports’ national coverage of Championship Bull Riding, and for her role on two seasons of the CMT television show Texas Women, in which she had three original songs featured.

Ali Dee also has designed and developed a successful fashion line, Ali Dee Brand, which appears in over 1,000 boutiques and western stores across the country.


  • Treat everyone like they’re your #1 customer.
  • It’s okay if your brand isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Being cheap isn’t always the best.
  • Don’t just sell, build relationships.
  • Make your social media social. Your feeds don’t have to be perfect.
  • Everyone wants to feel special. Capitalize on that.
  • Don’t over analyze yourself and your brand. Just be you.

08:20 – Growing the Ali Dee brand.
12:30 – Working for Mark Cuban.
16:30 – Will attract and repel marketing work for you?
22:30 – Are you a clothes flipper or brand builder?
28:30 – Why brands and boutiques need to help each other.
34:45 – Who do you think is capitalizing most on Western fashion.
41:15 – Need confidence to be authentic in your brand?

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Original Air Date: June 12, 2018
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