Episode #201: Six Reasons Boutiques Fail and How to Avoid Those Pitfalls

Ashley Alderson, founder of The Boutique Hub and host of the Boutique Chat  Podcast, sets off this second season with a solo episode addressing ways to avoid strategies that are counter-productive for your boutique. Ashley will guide you away from common mistakes and pull you towards reasons boutiques fall flat. Prevent burn-out and manage your precious time by treating these six reasons as an experienced checklist to keep you on track and lift your business to its full potential.

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3 Key Points:

What are the SIX most common reasons boutique owners close their doors? From leadership to finances….we have watched thousands of boutiques at The Boutique Hub, and most often, it comes down to these areas.

How can you avoid them? Let’s chat in today’s episode!

Plus, these takeaways:

1.     Make the shift from “Solopreneur” hustling business owner to a CEO with delegated assistance.

2.      Every successful business has a visionary with ideas and an integrator to get those ideas executed.

3.     Only 40% of small businesses are profitable, 30% break even, and 30% are losing money.

Favorite Quotes:
– “The first reason I see so many boutiques fail is leadership failure.” – Ashley Alderson

– “Time is the most precious asset we have.” – Ashley Alderson

– “You don’t understand what it’s like on the other side of the coin until you’re there.¨ – Ashley Alderson

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Original Air Date: February, 2019
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