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Episode 31 Boutique Chat Text Message List Marketing

Episode #31: Why Text Message Marketing Can Change your Business, with Bo Cain VP of Sales at Sentext Solutions

You don’t own your Facebook page, Instagram, or Snapchat. So what will you do the next time an algorithm takes a nosedive?  How will you reach your customers? That’s where your own list comes in, your email list, and in today’s world of marketing to overfull inboxes, a new list. Text Message Lists. With 98% of text messages read in the first 5 minutes, it’s time to re-think your marketing strategy. Get ready to take notes on strategy you can use NOW in your business.

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Bo joined the SenText team in 2012 as an agent and worked his way to Vice President of Sales with over 1000 clients personally. He’s been married for 16 years, is the father of 4, and also serves as Vice President of PTO at his children’s school. He and his wife serve as Guest Services Leaders over 4 teams at our church and together lead missions trips to various places in the United States. His passions in life are family, church, friends, playing a little golf and watching football… and of course text message marketing.


  • See SenText in action!
    • Text BOSS to 57711 if you’re a Boutique Owner.
    • Text GROW to 57711 if you’re a wholesaler or service provider.
  • Stock your boat with more than one pole.
  • Don’t over do it. Less is more.
  • Send a text out 30 minutes before your live sale.
  • On the fence? Ask your group if they’d like to receive texts from you!
  • The better the offer, the better the response.

09:45 – A little bit about SenText.
15:00 – Common traits among Bo’s successful clients.
19:00 – Ad value and creativity to your text messages.
26:00 – Combining print advertisements with text marketing.
32:00 – Industry statistics and industry success.
39:00 – Do I have to give a discount to get people to sign up?
48:10 – How does Bo balance family life?

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Original Air Date: September 5, 2018
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