#BoutiqueChat 229 | Creating a Business with Impact

Episode #229: Creating a Business with Impact

Ashley Lemiew, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur shows you how to create a business with impact. A business that exceeds the needs of your customers and full fills you ambition.

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Ashley LeMieux, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, joins us for Creating a Business with Impact. Ashley always had a dream of becoming a writer, but also the longing to help others. She gives us her back story on how the Shine Project came to be and all the lives it’s been able to impact. 

Find a copy of Ashley’s new book, Born to Shine on Amazon.

Not only that, but Ashley lets us know that dealing with pain doesn’t have to bring us down, but it can teach us how to live our life to the fullest. This story will pull at your heartstrings and keep you inspired to do more and be more than you once thought.

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I’ve been trying to find words for the past few hours, and I just can’t figure out how to make it come together… We moved to Nashville 2.5 years ago to find life again. To stop running from pain and to heal. When you run from pain, you also run from joy. Either you feel it all or you feel nothing, and it was time to get our lives back. ❤️ Five months after starting our new life in the south, I started writing my book. With no validation from anyone outside of me that it was a good idea, all I knew was that I needed to uncover the words that most people living in pain can not speak themselves. I needed to create a survival guide for myself that taught me how to stop running and to FEEL. ❤️ I held on to the words in this book until last Tuesday, when they were released for you. What is now happening with them, and in your lives, is the part that I can’t find the words for. I think what I’m trying to say is that underneath it all… the pain, the fear, the grief, gently lays the truth. It’s been waiting for us the whole time, and when we sit still enough to let it fill the cracks in our heart, life and pain become less scary. Because the truth has always been that we were born to shine. And we carry the torch to light the way for the world when it gets dark. ❤️ Born to Shine is waiting for you. Head to the link in my bio to grab it. Thank you for making it number 2 this week out of 6 million books on Barnes and Noble. We’re doing the healing work together, sisters!!!

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Ashley LeMieux celebrates the success of her book Born to Shine.


Ashley LeMieux, founder of the Shine Project, on creating a business with impact
  1. Creating an impact in your business can be as simple as looking into lines that support a cause, hosting an event in support, or maybe even a service project day. 
  2. Owning a business is a balancing act, know when it’s time to shut the business take off to spend time with your spouse and family. 
  3. Allow yourself to live fully in the moment because that is where we find our power.


#BoutiqueChat | Episode 228 | Featuring Ashley LeMieux, founder of the Shine Project, on creating a Business with Impact

“I’m right here and I need to live in this moment. Or I am going to miss all the good moments of my life because I was too sad to live in them.” -Ashley L.

“I have learned that when we stop running from pain, it can invite us in, to teach us what it is we need to know in our present moment.” -Ashley L. 

“You may feel stuck… But you’re just standing still. Start creating a moment in your life so you don’t feel stuck anymore.”–Ashley L.

Boutique Chat Episode #229: Creating a Business with Impact with Ashley LeMieux, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

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Original Air Date: October 15th, 2019
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