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Inside Dallas Market Center: Retail Revelations and Trends


“The opportunity in retail today lies in understanding your customer deeply and catering to their lifestyle needs, whether it’s through personalized baby gifts or offering a graduation registry, it’s all about creating a one-stop shopping experience.”

– Cindy Morris, CEO and President, Dallas Market Center

Hey guys, welcome back! This week, I had the pleasure of chatting with a dear friend and mentor, Cindy Morris, CEO of Dallas Market Center (DMC). Every time Cindy and I get together, our conversations are full of ideas and industry insights. Today, we’re bringing that energy to our community. Whether you’re a wholesale brand manufacturer, a retailer, or someone just curious about market dynamics, Cindy has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Inside Dallas Market Center: Retail Revelations and Trends

The Evolution of Dallas Market Center

For those unfamiliar with DMC, it’s a fascinating story. The first building at DMC was constructed in 1957 by founder Trammell Crow. Over the years, the center has expanded to cover a total of five and a half million square feet, serving numerous industries. Cindy breaks it down into hard goods and soft goods. The hard goods include gifts, home decor, lighting, floral and holiday items, housewares, and gourmet products. On the soft goods side, there’s men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, fashion accessories, Western wear, and equestrian products.

Throughout the year, DMC hosts a variety of markets for these industries. On the apparel side, they have five women’s and children’s markets, two men’s markets, two English markets, and two Western markets. For gift and home, there are four shows a year, plus two Lightovation shows. Additionally, DMC is unique in being the only design center in America within a wholesale market center, attracting daily traffic from interior designers bringing clients in to shop.

Opportunities and Misconceptions

With so many markets and opportunities, there’s a significant crossover potential for retailers. Cindy highlights that savvy retailers who explore different aisles and industries within DMC often find unique products that set them apart. This crossover buying is a fantastic way to differentiate and diversify.

A prime example Cindy shared is lighting retailers who initially sold only ceiling lights but then began adding home products like occasional furniture to increase revenue. Similarly, luxury home stores have started incorporating luxury gift products and home fragrances, while fashion stores are adding jewelry and fashion accessories. DMC’s March market is particularly notable as it combines gift and apparel, allowing retailers to explore a wide range of products simultaneously.

The COVID-19 Effect

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend of crossover buying. Retailers had to innovate and rethink their product mix to stay afloat. Cindy’s visits to stores revealed that many have embraced the lifestyle store model, knowing their customers so well that they can cater to all their needs—from what they wear to what they cook.

One innovative idea Cindy encountered was a graduation registry in a store, similar to bridal or baby registries. This clever approach boosted sales by making it easier for friends and family to purchase gifts from a centralized list.

Navigating Showrooms and Market Dynamics

Shopping at DMC offers a unique experience. Gift showrooms, for instance, are generally more open to walk-ins compared to the more appointment-driven apparel showrooms, especially for high-end collections. Building relationships with reps in these showrooms is invaluable. Reps can offer insights into bestsellers and trends, helping retailers make informed decisions.

Interestingly, about 70-80% of DMC’s showrooms are open daily, offering ample opportunity for retailers to explore and find new products even outside of major market events. This is especially beneficial for interior designers who now frequently purchase home fragrance and tabletop products.

The DMC Culture: Family and Frontline Focus

One of the most remarkable aspects of DMC is its culture. Cindy and her team, including herself, work the information booths during markets, directly engaging with customers. This hands-on approach is part of DMC’s family-owned business ethos, originating from founder Trammell Crow. It fosters a welcoming and supportive environment that makes DMC stand out.

Initiatives like half-day Fridays in July, birthdays off, and a day each year to volunteer for a favorite charity reflect DMC’s commitment to employee well-being. This culture not only benefits employees but also enhances the customer experience, as happy employees are more likely to provide exceptional service.

Rising Through the Ranks

Cindy began her journey at DMC in the advertising department, progressively advancing to VP of Marketing, EVP of Marketing, Chief Operating Officer, and eventually CEO in 2015. Reflecting on her career progression, Cindy emphasized the importance of honesty and integrity. She recounted advice from her predecessor who valued her for always being candid and sharing her genuine thoughts, even when they were challenging to hear. This lesson underscored the importance of being fearless in sharing ideas and opinions, particularly when one is deeply involved in the operational trenches.

Embracing Risks and Opportunities

Cindy shared a powerful mantra from DMC’s founder, Mr. Crowe: “There is as much risk in doing nothing as in doing something.” She highlighted the necessity of taking risks to achieve success. Failures are inevitable, but they are also stepping stones to greater achievements. Cindy’s career and the evolution of DMC illustrate how embracing risks can lead to substantial growth and opportunities.

Today, DMC’s executive team and employee base predominantly consist of women, reflecting significant progress. Cindy is optimistic about the growing opportunities for women in various industries, including traditionally male-dominated ones like lighting. Her journey is a testament to the potential for women to rise to leadership roles through passion, perseverance, and a willingness to embrace change.

Leadership Lessons

Cindy’s leadership advice is rooted in continuous learning and forward-thinking. She encourages never to settle and always to seek new projects and opportunities. The willingness to contribute and share ideas, regardless of one’s role, is crucial. Cindy regularly engages with employees from all levels, from housekeepers to engineers, encouraging them to share their observations and ideas. This inclusive approach fosters a culture where everyone feels valued and can contribute to the company’s success.

Reflecting on Pivotal Moments

Discussing DMC’s pivotal moments, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cindy highlighted the importance of adaptability and resilience. Despite the fear and uncertainty, DMC remained operational, understanding the critical need for retailers to access products and for exhibitors to sell. Their ability to safely navigate these challenges not only helped their business but also solidified their market position.

Exciting Developments at DMC

Looking ahead, Cindy shared exciting plans for DMC, including upcoming events like the June apparel market, Kids World, Total Home and Gift Market, and Lightovation. A notable highlight is the addition of Western and Equestrian markets, launched during COVID-19 in collaboration with the Western and English Sales Association (WESA). This addition has been so successful that DMC is expanding its Western permanent spaces, set to open in January 2025.

Personal Reflections and Legacy

On a more personal note, Cindy reflected on what she hopes her family will remember about her journey. She highlighted the unique experiences and global perspectives her career afforded her family, particularly through international consulting projects. Ultimately, Cindy aspires for her legacy to inspire her children to believe in limitless possibilities and the importance of contributing to the world.

Cindy’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact of leadership rooted in honesty, risk-taking, and continuous learning. Her journey at DMC serves as an inspiration for women in business, illustrating that with passion and perseverance, the sky’s the limit.

For those looking to experience the vibrant energy of DMC firsthand, the upcoming June market promises an exciting array of events and opportunities. We look forward to seeing you there!

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