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One Size Does Not Fit All

We asked our member boutiques who carried plus sizes to let us know why it was important to them to carry larger sizes in their businesses and man did they have a lot to say!

The overall consensus…

“All women are created beautiful.”Ella Lane Boutique.

In 2019 we’re celebrating plus, petite and everything in between because all shapes and sizes are freakin’ bomb and don’t forget it, ladies!

But instead of listing off why we at The Boutique Hub honor and support the inclusivity of all sizes in fashion, we’re gonna let our boutiques break it down for you themselves.

Take it away #boutiquebosses!

Beyond the Hem

Beyond the Hem – We carry sizes Small – 3XL because we want to cater to women of all sizes. We think each woman is unique in her own skin and needs clothes that show that off and accent those beautiful features and personalities.

Secret Closet Boutique – We carry sizes small-3x because we feel like every woman should have the opportunity to have a fun and unique shopping experience. Every woman, no matter their size deserves to feel beautiful and if we can help achieve that, we’ve succeeded!

Dakota Dandelion

Dakota Dandelion – When life gives you curves flaunt them! Every size deserves to have beautiful rock-in clothes!!

Avery Rose Boutique – We carry plus because we want all women to know we love and value them, and we want our community to know that all women are welcome to our my shop!

Kasey Leigh Boutique

Kasey Leigh Boutique – I carry plus size because, after years of struggling to find cute boutique clothing for myself, I wanted to bring those items to women just like me. Fashion is for everyone, and I wanted my boutique to convey just that.

Designing You Boutique – I myself have fluctuated from size medium to size 3XL at different points in my life. I understand how frustrating it can be to shop for trendy affordable clothing no matter what size you are! We believe that all sizes should be created equal and love helping ALL woman look and feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

Gypsy Oak Boutique

Gypsy Oak Boutique – We carry sizes S-3X. We carry plus sizes so that every woman, regardless of shape or size, can feel absolutely beautiful in their own skin. Because let’s face it, we are all a little nicer when we love our outfit!

Boutique 20 – We love to help all of the women who shop with us find something they feel beautiful in! That look on their face when they find it is the most amazing reward for us! We have carried sizes small – 3X since we opened and we love it!

Dressed by Jenny Boutique

Dressed by Jenny Boutique – As a plus sized girl myself, I have always had a hard time finding cute clothes in my size. I only carry styles that are available in S-3X because I never want a girl to wish her body to be different just to get into a certain size! I want every girl to love the body she’s in!

A Beautiful Me Boutique – My goal is to help women of all shapes and sizes find affordable and flattering clothing and to feel beautiful.

Magnolia Road LLC

Magnolia Road LLC – Because we all should be able to be cute and comfortable just the way we are!

Ryder Grae Boutique – We carry sizes S-3XL because EVERYBODY deserves a cute outfit.

Lucy and Co. Curvy Boutique

Lucy and Co. Curvy Boutique – We carry xl-3x, as a plus size gal I was tired of feeling ashamed when I went shopping, we should have the same opportunity to shop as regular size customers.

Bee Mine Sunshine Boutique -We make custom clothing in all sizes because we are mamas who change shape for our babies and we should be able to feel beautiful in all our stages of life!

AllyKat Boutique

AllyKat Boutique – Three years ago, Ally & Kat decided that they would infiltrate the broken societal standard of beauty, and offer self-confidence to women of all sizes. The inspiring duo swore from the beginning that they would stay true to their mission: to sell every item in sizes small through 3XL, for ANYONE who wants to feel confident and comfortable. They offer a little sass, a ton of love for their customers, and a whole lot of style.

Belle of Bogue

Belle of Bogue – We’ve carried our curvy sizes from day one because we believe ALL women should feel beautiful.

Sonora Roads Boutique – We believe everyone should get to feel beautiful and comfortable!

Vita Nova Boutique

Vita Nova BoutiqueWe love our curvy gal pals. I have so many curvy friends and they were always telling me how hard it is to find cute, trendy curvy sized clothing options. So I thought it was so important to carry the curvy sizes! They deserve to look beautiful and trendy too!!

Sass & Sparkle Boutique – We made the decision to carry sizes Small-3X to help give women the chance to feel beautiful regardless of their shape, age or size.

Loving Life Boutique

Loving Life Boutique – I am a plus size woman who is proud of the skin that I am in, and I LOVE shopping. I’m ready to spend and unless I hit the big box stores I wasn’t able to because one of the biggest challenges when shopping online boutiques and in stores was I wanted all the cuteness but couldn’t ever find anything to go past a large. One of the worst parts was the buying experience and walking in and feeling like they knew I shouldn’t be there. When I decided to take the leap in opening my own boutique I made the decision to offer all sizes and allow everyone to leave their experience feeling better than when they came.

Vanilla Orchid Boutique – I carry plus size because beautiful is not a one size fits all!! Fashionistas are not one shape!! Beauty is all body types and everyone should have a choice in attire that’s trendy and cute!!

Paisley & Pearls

Paisley & Pearls – 98% of the stores around us have CURVY sizes that look like your grandma’s casual wear. It killed me being an XL and not being able to dress cute since I put on some lbs.. so almost everything I purchase for my boutique I purchase in S-3X! Just because you’re curvy doesn’t mean you can’t wear lace, rhinestones, sparkles, and look cute!

The Daisy Village Boutique – Being a plus size owner gives you the opportunity to style your customers in clothes that you love + feel comfortable in yourself.

Mary Rose NW Boutique

Mary Rose NW Boutique – We believe ALL women are beautiful and deserve to feel that way.

We hope you found their words meaningful and that their message inspires more people in fashion, designers, brands and owners alike to be more inclusive for all and carry sizes for every woman.

With that we leave you with the wise words of Thongin’ It Boutique…

Thongin’ It Boutique

“Plus is NOT the opposite of regular. And who even wants to be regular in the first place?”

(they also only carry items that are available in sizes Small-2X/3X!)

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Hero Image: Dressed by Jenny


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