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Overcome Your Fear of Video Marketing

Today Molly Mahoney, founder of The Prepared Performer, joins us for today’s Boutique Chat episode Overcome Your Fear of Video Marketing. Molly has a past of being a skilled performer and used her experiences to become a thriving digital growth strategist. Molly goes over how to get higher engagement on your social media content, Facebook live tips, creating gifs, and so much more! Tune in to hear all of Molly’s must-know marketing tips!

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  1. Be yourself on camera! No one can relate to a “made up” individual, they can relate to the real you!
  2. Don’t just sell in your videos. Talk about everyday, relatable topics. After watching your video that topic will come up in their everyday lives and they will think of you!
  3. You can get people to show up, but you won’t see success unless you actually engage with them. 


“Not only in your videos but with life in general the more you, you can be and the more confident you can be about that, that’s where you’re going to have real success.” -Molly

“When we go to do a live video all we talk about is the product that we are selling and we forget that people want to connect as human beings.”

Molly’s Information:

Instagram: @thepreparedperformer

Website: https://www.thepreparedperformer.com/#


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Original Air Date: August 11th, 2020
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