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4 Reasons Why Your Brand Is Not Engaging

4 Reasons Why Your Brand Is Not Engaging

Today our host Ashley Alderson, Founder of the Boutique Hub, does a solo episode on 4 Reasons Why Your Brand Is Not Engaging. Ashley has been listening to your questions and is here to give all the details on how you can grow your brand. She goes over topics such as building engaging content, inspiring your customers with your brand, and how to create more relatable marketing content. But it doesn’t stop there, tune in to hear the must-have secrets for brand success! 

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4 Reasons Why Your Brand Is Not Engaging


  1. Is your content share-worthy? Viral content grows reach and brand recognition.  
  2. Is your content retable? How are you speaking to your ideal customer?
  3. Are you offering value? This doesn’t mean the money value, but what are you promising your customers when they buy from you, and are you fulfilling this promise?
If you want to find new customers get them excited about what you carry and sell to them, you MUST generate quality traffic.

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“When you market to everyone, you reach no one.” -Ashley

“Who is your customer? How much are you really speaking to that ideal customer? -Ashley

“Value is your spoken or unspoken promise of what others will get when they engage and buy from you.” -Ashley

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Original Air Date: June 9th, 2020
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