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Pink Friday Promotional Ideas

Pink Friday is just around the corner… is your business prepared?

Pink Friday is the small business spin on Black Friday. It is an opportunity to #ShopSmallFirst before the big guys on Black Friday.

We have you covered with some Pink Friday promotional ideas.

Sign up to participate in Pink Friday

Send or bring a flyer to:

  • Flyer in your front window
  • Flyer attached to your front desk
  • Flyer on a mirror in a dressing room
  • Send a downloadable PDF to radio and news stations to add to their website. A lot of them have a local event section and do not charge.
  • Find Facebook and Neighborhood groups in your area and do a promotional post in that group.
  • Flyer to local charity offices and offer for them to set up at your store or be mentioned during your live with a donation drive link on your site. Ex: local food bank
  • Flyer to pass out to local businesses
  • Flyer to post at local community center
  • Flyer to post at local schools in teacher’s lounge
  • Flyer to post at local gym and fitness centers
  • Flyer at women’s groups or church bulletin

Send a Press Release

Send a downloadable PDF to radio and news stations to add to their website. A lot of them have a local event section and do not charge!

Ways to Advertise

  • Create an event on Facebook for your store
  • Share the Pink Friday Hub event to your page
  • Boost the event on Facebook
  • Boost the event on Instagram
  • Post on Instagram and Facebook stories
  • Share comments and pictures in the event itself to entice customers
  • Create a Pink Friday reel
  • Create a Pink Friday highlight and add to it daily leading up to the event
  • Create a special Pink Friday Gift Certificate to use at a later date (maybe on a slower week)
  • Share the #ShopSmallFirst map

Ways to Collaborate

  • Get with a local organization and offer a doggie adoption on the same day
  • Do a toy drive at your location on the same day
  • Make a shopping event at your location and include other small pop-up shops and local crafters to participate. Ex: jewelers, pottery, etc.
  • Collaborate with other boutiques to promote each other, especially if you have different brands/styles. Ex: Children Clothing Store, Gift Store, Book Store
  • Run a Pink Friday giveaway with your “Boutique Bestie.”

Fun Promotion Ideas for Inside Your Store 

  • Make a pink basket of all things pink to give away (have an email sign-up list)
  • Pink or white Christmas tree with opposite-colored ornaments and a ribbon tied with a discount on the ribbon at the time of purchase.
  • Offer pink lemonade and lemon cookies for a Sip and Shop
  • Fashion show with Holiday looks
  • Ugly sweater contest
  • Create Pink Friday tees for your in-store team!

Fun Promotion Ideas for Online 

  • Add a link to the comments with a local charity for people to make a donation to
  • Pick a charitable organization and offer for every sale a donation ex: today, $1 will be donated to “backpacks for kids.”
  • Offer a local designer to go on your live at a certain time during the day and cross-promote with each other.
  • Wear all pink in your live and have a pink backdrop.
  • Do a trivia game with “pink things,” ex: a movie quote from “Pretty in Pink” or lyrics from Pink Floyd.
  • Collaborate with other small businesses in the local community and have a destination shopping event
  • Photo grid with other boutiques and small businesses saying “shop small first” or “shop local and shop small”
  • Add a Pink Friday banner to your storefront

Pink Friday Sale Ideas

  • Run a Pink Friday Doorbuster; the first 50 customers in the store get a swag bag.
  • Create Pink Friday bundles and pre-wrapped gifts for moms, teachers, best friends, and teens – What are you overstocked in?  Run a Pink Friday BOGO 1/2 off to keep them moving!
  • Run a Pink Friday Giveaway – anyone who purchases that day is in for a Yeti!
  • Make a Pink Friday collection on your site with sale items and bundles.

Participate in Pink Friday

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